David Beckham No.77 Trains With Tottenham (First Photos)

Ollie Irish

11th, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

The new kid, No.77, put through his paces at Tottenham’s training ground in Chigwell (wonder if anyone will be ballsy enough to cut up his underwear?):

Notice how delighted Becks’ new (temporary) team-mates look. Even though most of them are millionaires, don’t underestimate how starstruck they will be to be training with one of the most famous people on the planet. Everyone will want to be his mate, especially back-of-the-coach lads like Robbie Keane.

And why No.77? I assume it’s only because the shirt numbers he’s worn before – Nos.7 (A. Lennon), 23 (C. Cudicini) and 32 (B. Assou-Ekotto) – weren’t available.

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  1. SamHumphreys(DavidBeckham) says:

    Don’t forget number 28 and number 10, allocated to nobody and Robbie Keane(Almost nobody). He just prefers number 7.

  2. Nayim says:

    I expect that Woodgate and Beckham are mates, seeing as they were at Real together. Top journalism as always…

  3. Yiddo Rob says:

    More important than beckham, Townsend is still training with the first team.

  4. tottenblog says:

    Well said Yiddo Rob. Also. Woodgate is apparently alive.

  5. Rob says:

    Photos of Beckham playing with a football are very rare these days

  6. Dan says:

    Too bad he won’t ever hit the pitch with them. The best lesson he’ll give these lads is how to milk publicity for all it’s worth.

  7. Aish says:

    Beckham was a Spurs fan before United, wasn’t he? I mean he wore a Spurs kit to the United trials when he was younger and got stick for it. Hoho trivia.

  8. Boss says:

    Sam Humpries is a lrage bell end. And smells like bell end cheese

  9. The Yank says:

    I think its great he’s training with Tottenham, but I just don’t see the point if he can’t play any games. Why is he doing this if there is no competitive action? Henry is doing the same thing with Arsenal, training but no playing. I think its the MLS being uptight and not letting there players represent anyone but them. They consider these players as “crown jewels” (as they should) but in the off-season, they should be able to play elsewhere. It would be great to see Beckham at White Hart Lane, and could you IMAGINE having Henry return to the Emirates? I may be wrong, but it seems the MLS are being awfully ostentatious.

  10. starralex76 says:

    He is still in the raw?? Hah, don’t know about it. Glad for him. Jope he will show a good football

  11. Jill says:

    Why should MLS players be able to play elsewhere in the off season. Could just see Alex Ferguson letting any of his players bugger off to foreign climes for an off season kickabout.

  12. QueerAsFuß says:

    It looks like his legs were photoshopped on in these pics. *L* What’s up with the scraggle neck beard but Lady Gillette smooth legs?

    I used to think Becks was such a hottie but man his ‘appear increasing like a homeless person’ style trend is…I mean neck beard? NECK BEARD? Why?

    Although he does look more and more like he could play Richard Sharpe these days.

  13. Valentino says:

    I heard that next season Beckham will play for Chelsey. Do you heard something about it?? Is it true or false

  14. E80 says:

    Beckham’s back! That’s sounds great, but when we’ll see him playing for Tottenham? Training is just a training… About 77: that means double 7 – good luck BECKS!

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