‘A Figment Of Gattuso’s Imagination’ – Joe Jordan Refutes ‘Pathetic’ Racism Claims

Chris Wright

18th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Tottenham assistant Joe Jordan has struck back (verbally, thank Jehovah) at Gennaro Gattuso, branding him ‘pathetic’ after the AC Milan midfielder claimed that his seething meltdown in the San Siro on Tuesday night was provoked by racist remarks.

Gattuso apologised immediately after the game, but his agent Claudio Pasqualin later claimed that Jordan had provoked his client by calling him a ‘f**king Italian b*stard’.

Safe to say that Big Joe was not amused by Gattuso’s insinuations, telling the Daily Mail:

“It’s just a nonsense, it really is. It’s a figment of Rino’s imagination and, I have to say, not a great imagination, at that.

“If he wanted to try and explain his behaviour, you would have thought he might have come up with something better than that. It’s pathetic.

“Completely and utterly untrue and quite pathetic.”

Gattuso has since been charged with ‘gross unsporting conduct’ by UEFA for his actions and will learn of his punishment at a hearing next Monday, but Jordan is hoping that his false claims of racism will also be addressed by the relevant authorities:

“[Gattuso] will have to address his conduct overall, and account for himself to UEFA, but the allegation he has made is something else. I’m not having that, because Italy has played an important part in my life and will continue to.

“Milan are an exceptional club and I consider myself very fortunate to have played for them. I had plenty of high points in my career, but signing for them was the best thing I did. They gave me a chapter in my career I always hankered after, a spell playing abroad, and I could not have picked a better club.

“I love Italy and have always had an affinity with the people. Does that sound like someone who would come out with the sort of line Gattuso has got his agent to say? I just find it pathetic on his part, I really do.”


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  2. HANDSOME MAN says:

    wheather he said it or not its true!


  3. mike says:

    whats racist about calling him an Italian bastard?? he is Italian after all, and a bastard at that put the two together and hes an Italian Bastard

  4. Mr.Angry says:

    @ mike
    shut up you bell end!

  5. yankee manc says:

    Gattuso = Italian Bastard. Cheating bastards.

  6. ceez says:

    The real truth of it is that Gattuso is a has been. He’s not even relevant on the pitch anymore. The snarling dog does not bite he only barks and headbutts older men after the game. Rino actually kind of sucks now as a footballer and AC Milan being top of the table in Serie A only shows how much the league sucks.

  7. says:

    Since when is Italian a race? In America we call it “white”. When I was in London, the worst tourists around were italians. Rude pricks

  8. King Eric says:

    So they’re xenophobic remarks, not racist. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

  9. Kramer says:

    Mike is right MR.Angry i often say “you stupid American!” not really racist i did not say ALL of them are stupid

  10. Rossonero says:

    smart comments around there. brits pricks.

  11. Montesquieu says:

    Gattusso is a prick, doesn’t matter whether he’s Italian or not. He’d be a prick if he was English, Czech or Nigerian.

  12. Tom Jones says:

    Joe Jordan is a lying cock.

  13. whoiswaynerooney says:

    i think the situation is kinda funny joe jordan probably did say that, but joe’s a hard man that’s who he is and i personally liked him as a player. maybe that’s a bias but hey

  14. LLFather says:

    All those english expressions of the “english fairplay” are exactly the picture of the English Hooligans killers in Heysel and the reason english football has been banned from europe competitions not so long ago.

    My compliments to all. Wish you all to continue this way more intensively so soon Europe will have a better championship without England Hooligans for maybe 5 or 10 years.

    About Mr. “Fucking Italians Bastards” that show off his racist shame (read the lips on a video is really simple) against the one who gained the respect of Glasgow Rangers (ironically scottish proud) he definitively gained the ribbon of “Biggest Racist Shame on Ac Milan history” and we all fans in Milan will have every single pics or newspaper cut removed from the History Memories and burned out.
    I’m hoping that for her own sake his wife will move soon from Milan looking his rancid hate against italian because they just remember this old drunk as a pathetic looser.
    Next month we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of italian republic and we don’t need around the stinking presence of “jordan” racists.

  15. Skintus Maximus says:

    A real professional footballer would rise above anything they heard said about them on or off the pitch. If Jordan really called him a “Fucking Italian Bastard” then I am disgusted with him and Tottenham should get rid of him.

  16. Mikrokopter hexa…

    ‘A Figment Of Gattuso’s Imagination’ – Joe Jordan Refutes ‘Pathetic’ Racism Claims » Who Ate all the Pies…

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