PFA Announce Actual ‘Player Of The Year’ Shortlist – Van Der Vaart Tacked On

Chris Wright

8th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

A few days after the Daily Mail published what they thought was a leaked copy of the PFA’s shortlist for their ‘Player of the Year’ and ‘Young Player of the Year’ awards, the PFA themselves have had a go.

Whereas the Mail had Charlie Adam, Nemanja Vidic, Gareth Bale, Scott Parker, Carlos Tevez and Samir Nasri all up for the senior gong, the actual PFA shortlist sees Tottenham forward Rafael van der Vaart also included to make up a pool of seven nominees.

Nothing like a ‘leak’ to test the water for glaring omissions, eh boys?

Incidentally, the ‘Young Player…’ shortlist is just as the Mail reported, with Nasri, Bale, Joe Hart, Nani, Jack Wilshere and Seamus Coleman all vying for the honour.

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  1. epiblast says:

    So no Andy Carroll then?

  2. Jack says:

    Bit disappointed Vincent Kompany isnt included, personally I think hes been the best cb in the premiership this season…and better than Vidic.

  3. Calski says:

    I don’t get how the young player of the year consists of players who are 24, surely that are not young players, when they are nearly half way through there career? Should be under 21s

  4. baem says:

    haha.. still no NANI.. wat ashame

  5. Pedro says:

    Nani has 16 assists and 9 goals. Nasri? van der Vaart? You’re joking, surely. Tevez is surely in with a shout while Adam has had far too many really poor games and Bale has been utterly ineffectual for a while now. If sporadic brilliance counts, then Berbatov has to win it.

    Would like Parker be picked though (have a sneaky feeling, with that pool of candidates, he just might). One thing is to be the only creative outlet for an underperforming contender for the league, quite another is to single-handedly, à lá Roy Keane, carry a whole team through a football match.

  6. dynamozebra says:

    It’s voted for by the players, that’s obviously why Nani wasn’t nominated. Gotta be Charlie Adam for POTY and Hernandez YPOTY, although I’d like to see Nasri win something this year

  7. Chris also says:

    Isn’t the list mostly picked by players? In which case I could see why Nani would be a glaring omission…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lol for Vidic :)

  9. Luke says:

    If I were a player Gareth Bale would be one of my favorite players to play against – Because he never fucking plays! Joke list. Parker and Nani.

  10. The Yank says:

    Berbatov getting snubbed is a joke. The leagues top goal-scorer including 3 hat-tricks, one of which was part of a 5 goal haul making him only the 3rd player in Premiership history to do so. He single-handedly kept United going in the middle of the season and his sheer class speaks for itself. I’d pick him over any of these fools mentioned.

    Gareth Bale being nominated is pathetic. He has a few good games and suddenly its Bale-fever. How did he do against Madrid? Terribly. The kid needs 20 yards to do anything of merit and even then its only pace.

    I’d give it to Charlie Adam just to mix it up, but he is one of the few that deserve it.

  11. CMDG says:

    Scott Parker should win POTY hands down. The guy has been outstanding considering how well west ham are doing. Can’t believe Hernandez isn’t on the YPOTY list 15 goals on his debut season. Wilshire will win instead

  12. Kevin Barry says:

    No Andy Carroll because it is Player of the Year not Tart of the Year

  13. Al Neri says:


  14. emmy mu says:

    Nani should have been top of that list

  15. gilly says:

    wheres hernandez for the young player of the year

  16. Hugh Jass says:

    WTF…no Balotelli on either list??? He will be most upset.

  17. Bruno says:

    Vidic… the most consistent

  18. wot happened to woy? says:

    I think the question on everyone’s mind is, ‘what about Joe Cole?’

  19. Anonymous says:

    i seriously feel for Nani ………… But i am sure Vidic deserves it

  20. okuonde says:

    i seriously feel for Nani ………… But i am sure Vidic deserves it

  21. UkePunk says:

    Kompany better than Vidic??!! Ha ha well donr for introducing the rest of us to your complete ignorance on anything to do with football.
    What a two hat

  22. Red Ben says:

    So… they have a chance to test the water for glaring omissions and STILL don’t pick Nani, instead opting for Van Der Vaart, another three month wonder?!

    Players have shown their own ignorance, to be honest.

  23. Fnarf says:

    As a Spurs fan I’m very happy to have Bale and RVDV playing for us, but I would pick Luka Modric as our best player this year.

  24. pay.niss says:

    raul meireles for best player this season, his style of footbal is absolutely fantastic, amazing player!

  25. Haha says:

    This site makes me laugh! you have a go at other publishers for lieing, well you should look at yourselves. Poor.

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