‘Luka Won’t Go To Man Utd, He Will Stay At Tottenham’ – Modric Ain’t Going Nowhere This Summer

By Chris Wright

And lo, the words that all Tottenham fans have been waiting to hear for a good few months – garnered straight from the gullet of Luka Modric’s advisor, Mario Mamic, and reproduced faithfully on the pages of Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List:

“Luka will not go to Manchester United, and he will also stay at Tottenham because I know that president Daniel Levy will not let him go.”

The paper are also carrying the following quotes from Mamic’s father, Zdravko, who serves as the vice-president of Modric’s former club, Dinamo Zagreb:

“I heard that somebody has offered £20 million for Luka, but that’s crazy. When we talk about Modric, that price would only be enough to buy peanuts.”

Just to hammer the point home, we’ve also just happened across these words from Spurs manager Harry Redknapp, who told Sky Sports News this very afternoon that none of his big names will be toddling away from the Lane this summer:

“We are not selling Luka, we are not selling Gareth [Bale] and we are not selling Sandro. We’re not looking to sell them players – that would be a massive backward step for the club.

“£20 million for Luka? They’ve got to be dreaming, he’s such a fantastic player.”

Which, all in all, should put paid to all those nasty rumours…until tomorrow morning.

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  1. Nathan says:

    I dont get it, why do people think Modric is good?

  2. COL says:

    Up yours whisky nose the days of you clicking your fingers and everyone jumps are well and truly over.

  3. Dear Nathan says:

    Maybe if you watched football, you would understand.

  4. oldun says:

    Yes. Nathan is such an expert that cannot see why top players as well as manager rate Modric so highly. Perhaps that’s why Nathan is commenting on this site and not involved at their level. A hell of a lot of people seem to see what Nathan can’t. Hmmm….

  5. D says:

    I think Nathan might actually think this is a site about pie eating contests. Modric might not be good at that but he can sure as hell play football. You might wanna watch a game or two..

  6. Sex God says:

    ah yes, Modrić

    a true future potential Sex God understudy apprentice

  7. PED says:

    modric is so crap that he’s wanted by the 3 top teams in the prem & could walk into anyone of them easily.
    old red nose is just trying to get him on the cheap as he’s skint & the yanks ain’t gonna give him much money.
    besides whatever the manx bid their blue neighbours will offer double that anyway.

  8. So what do we think Modric IS worth?
    Every player has a price – what would you be happy with as a Spurs fan if he were to be sold?
    The problem I see at the moment is the bids we have put in have all been rejected as Continental managers hold out for “Premier League mugs” to pay way over the odds – in turn we have to charge a heck of a lot more if we sell our players.
    £45 million and I´d be happy. We could buy a very decent midfielder for that and have plenty of change to put towards a striker. I doubt anyone would pay that much though..!

  9. Anabelle says:

    Chris, your headline is out of context. I know you’re trying to be an attention grabber.

    The correct thing to say is that Modric doesn’t want to move from the CITY OF London.

    The issue of changing clubs might be that he wants to play for a club in London.

  10. ishmael says:

    it’s obvious the aasking price is low but trust me utd will be back

  11. Alex says:

    Wouldn’t even want to sell him for 45 mil, for me he’s the best controlling midfielder in the prem and second only to xavi in the world, look at the stats, 87% pass completion in the prem and champs last season, he also has the ability to grab a game by the scruff of the neck and with better strikers at the club last season he would have undoubtedly driven us back into the champs.

  12. Tom says:

    He’s good but come on, 45 million?!? You’re in dreamland! Only man city would pay that sort of fee for him. I can’t see how he’s added more than 5 million to the price spurs paid for him (someone educate me on that, I’m thinking between 15-25 mil) since his time in the prem. Get real spurs fans this squad of yours got fifth, it consists largely of players who deserve to be there and the others you have aren’t in the upper echelons of the game or they would have pulled you up even higher. As for having a go at fergie, melty face is one of the biggest ‘bully boys’ in the transfer market, just because your temporarily immune to big clubs robbing your best players doesn’t mean it will last nor does it mean you lot are any better than the utds and chelates of this world, look what you did with Adams and now trying to get dbele on the cheap from fulham. You’re only jealous cos you know for your side it will only last a few seasons whereas with utd it’ll go on forever.

  13. Alex says:

    We paid 16 for him to the best of my knowledge, meaning if your were to add on five mil he is only worth one million more then Jordan Henderson? Dream on.

  14. Alex says:

    Got to keep in mind the fact that he signed a five year deal not three months ago, so there really is no pressure for us to sell him unless someone offers a ridiculous amount

  15. Tom says:

    So he’s nearly tripled in value to £45 million? Or was it £40 million? There’s a reason no-one would buy him at that price, he’s not worth it! If city wanted him they could have him, he’s just not worth as much as some people are giving him credit for. He’s really good, but seriously take a reality check

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