New Tottenham Away Kit Is Lavender, Spoilt By Awful Sponsor (Photos)

Chris Wright

21st, June 2011


By Chris Wright

I think I suffered with ‘Aurasma’ until I was about five-years old…

(Photos: FKN)

As if the word ‘Aurasma’ wasn’t gruesome enough, they’ve gone and written it in Postman Pat font just to put the icing on the dog turd.

God damnit. We just hate to see an otherwise perfectly passable strip (the new home and third Spurs kits are both certified bobbydazzlers) ruined by a gaudy, tacky sponsor – call it irrational, but we’re still seething over ‘Homeserve’ befouling West Brom’s lovely 2010/11 strip. We’ll never forgive them.

Any thoughts folks?

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  1. Greg says:

    It’s the Bauhaus font to be precise. Shockingly bad.

  2. wiggs says:

    @Greg You’re the Bauhaus font.

  3. Chris says:


  4. CFC_Jay says:

    @Greg…….lol please say you work with fonts or you are some sort of font expert as anything else as to how you know that is very worrying hahahaha :)

  5. Veej says:

    As sad as it may seem, Gregg is spot on about the font, Its Bauhaus. I’m a graphic designer so I also take note about such things.

    Like the black kit the best.

  6. Alan says:

    Might as well be Comic Sans, it’s such a common font…

  7. Tom says:

    Why are they wearing black shorts with a White top? That’s fulham’s kit not the yidos kit. Is it just because it’s hard for designers to come up with a different look with the same colours every year?!? Purple one is horrible, the home shirt is class

  8. Jon says:

    That second kit is a solid 3/10. Pretty bad to look at. The others are nice, and Bauhaus font makes me seethe with rage. That and Comic Sans, as I’m sure anyone who spends much time in MS Word will tell you.

    Also, isn’t that the logo for Autonomy from last season? Is it all the same company or what?

  9. mtm says:

    that aurasma is it some kind of mason lodge financiers and bankers or is it secret corporation-conspiracy about to take the world?:D anyways sounds like s*hit

  10. Mr. X says:

    As a Spurs fan, this sucks. I swear the all blues one made me think we sold Lennon to Chelsea. If you want to know why players leave, it’s because of the crap kits we keep putting on them.

  11. __wowza says:

    july 11th: when the investec kit goes on sale.

    just thought that information would be relevant to your interests after seeing this abortion.

  12. QueerAsFuß says:

    “Postman Pat font…”
    Oh man, I LOLed quite heartily.

    And now I know Postman Pat Font is called ‘bauhaus’.

    I just had to look up what Aurasma was:
    “Aurasma is an iPhone app that allows users to create and view augmented reality content, and attach it to images of real-world scenes”

    Okay…so can I augment up a less shitty sponosor logo and apply that to the kit’s reality?

    Actually I just don’t like it…and look how (un)happy the players are to wear the kit!

  13. machine gooner funk says:

    as much as it pains me to say anything nice about spurs thier home shirt from last season was top notch. why would they change it to boring all white?

  14. the tank says:

    They may have looked better if they had picked slightly better looking individuals to model it than the ones they have picked above.
    These 3, actually Lennon look abit decent, but the other 2 look like they have been dropped directly from hell to scare the sh*t outa everyone!
    VdV, Modric would have been a better choice,
    hell, i think even redknapp himself would be less scary!

  15. Ceezer says:

    @ Chris I believe you as well as Chelsea and Inter Milan suffered with Aurasma.

  16. Easy Tank. Isn’t the middle model the team Captain? Gotta agree with Chris although I can’t help but like the colors. Tom: Sorry but what’s a “yido”?. Florida loves the Spurs!!!

  17. tom says:

    @ Mark Hallisey
    a yido is a spurs fan, as they call themselves ‘the yids’. if you watch a tottenham match you will most likely hear them singing ‘yid army, yid army’. It means Jew but most Spurs fans arent Jewish, its an odd nickname but one they embrace rather than it being a derogatory term. Anyway, if you are American you should support Fulham, we are the equivolent of Ellis Island in reverse, the first place most american players land in Europe! Clint Dempsey, McBride, Bocanegra… and we love them all

  18. Thanks Tom and I do follow Fulham. Love Clint. But Gareth Bale is the man. Cable TV has finally brought the world’s best league into my living room. Some day american players may want to stay here and play. I guess I’m a Yid!

  19. pr says:

    These kits stink. Cant wait till next year with Under Armour. Ohio Spurs fan.

  20. Eric NYC says:

    home kit is ok… not as good as last seasons..

    away kit.. I wanna puke on it…

    third kit is what i’ll be buying and with investec not argasmo or whatever..

    NYC spurs fan.

  21. Eric NYC says:

    too bad clint can’t join the spurs.

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