First Premier League Casualty: Tottenham vs Everton Called Off After London Riots

Chris Wright

11th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Word on Pies Street is that the opening weekend Premier League tie between Tottenham and Everton has been cancelled due to the ongoing twattery in London.

The postponement is yet to be confirmed by either club or by the Premier League themselves but their are rumblings trickling down from some very high-ranking sources that the game at White Hart Lane will be shelved.

The ‘Everton off to a flying start after avoiding defeat at Spurs’ jokes are writing themselves.

UPDATE: The Premier League board have indeed just announced that Spurs vs Everton at the Lane (Saturday) has been postponed due to riots in the area, but that all 9 other games are due to go ahead as planned.

Chief exec Richard Scudamore:

“The very latest situation is that Tottenham and Everton has gone. The police have done a fantastic job, but it’s been a crime scene all week and the council have not had enough time to do what they need.

“The other nine fixtures are looking positive, subject to any more trouble. At 6pm tonight we will have a very clear picture. The Tottenham game is a real shame but we support the police in what they are doing.

“They want these games to go on as much as we do.”

More when we have it…

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  1. Boris Johnson says:

    Wrong idea, nothing is gonna kick off again and the trouble in Tottenham was last Saturday, a whole week before the Spurs game, I understand the PL want to be safe but they clearly aren’t even thinking about this realistically.

    The rudeboys have looted all the Airmax, iPhones and xBox games they can so they’re not gonna go out rioting again. If anything they’ll riot because there’s no football on because they are complete scumbags and have fuck all to do in their useless lives.

  2. gamblino says:

    Yeah you knows some halfwit band of Spurs fans are gonna end up rampaging through that delightful borough looking to exact revenge instead now. Riot city blues.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “The police have done a fantastic job, but it’s been a crime scene all week and the council have not had enough time to do what they need.”

    Reading between the lines, that says to me it’s been called off for reasons aside from the risk of there being more trouble. I guess they don’t want thousands of fans making their way through the streets when they’re trying to gather evidence?

  4. Its a good thing the english are so much more cultured than everyone else


  5. __wowza says:

    riots? did someone lose a hockey game or something?

  6. Nashville Gunner says:

    So to pose a question, what would be the repercussions of switching the (2) Tottenham v Everton games? Meaning why not still have the game played but travel to Goodison Park?

    Just a thought, maybe I am completely niave on this.

  7. Chris says:

    @Nashville Gunner: Despite the pretence that it’s a random process, the fixture list is drawn up in such a specific way (Super Sundays for Sky, etc.) that it would be ‘impossible’ to switch the two games – even though the idea seems to make perfect sense to absolutely everybody else.

    No doubt the Premier League will sit on it for a while until rescheduling the game for a Friday night, one day after England play some meaningless friendly in Narnia and one day before Everton welcome Tottenham to Goodison for the ‘return leg’ – such is the way these things seems to work.

  8. Nashville Gunner says:

    Your thoughts were exactly why I posed the question. It seems unfair to put the players and clubs in position to potentially not have a great game!

    Thanks for your comment on this!

  9. percy says:

    sorry about what is happening in london. i just wonder why african union hasn’t organised for a full scale war against cameron as a result of the strikes. afterall they r busy in libya.

  10. Kevin says:

    They’re also not able to have a home match in Goodison and Anfield at the same time because the two stadiums are across stanley park from each other so the place will get congested/ they’re afraid of fights breaking out.

  11. Nashville Gunner says:

    @Chris I also forgot to send you kudos on the use of twattery!

  12. Fred Tissue says:

    Nice to see Doctor Who helping out!

  13. COYS says:

    I hope my fellow yid army mates crack some skulls tomorrow afternoon.

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