Snapshot: Rafael And Sylvie Van Der Vaart To Be Immortalised In Wax

Chris Wright

26th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

What you’re looking at here are the clay/plastercine/Playdoh busts that have been made of both Rafael van der Vaart and his lovely lady wife Sylvie, ahead of their waxworks being added to the Amsterdam branch of Madame Tussauds in September…

As you can see, Rafa’s looks just about on the money whereas Sylvie’s looks just a little bit…how can we put this delicately…wrong-faced.

Via Tottenblog

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  1. Sex God says:

    Ah yes, Rafael van der Vaart.

    A true future potential Sex God.

    And ah yes, Sylvie van der Vaart.

    A true future potential Sex Goddess.

  2. MaxMad says:

    @Sex God,

    You’re way off on that.

  3. mikedamone says:

    Is “future potential sex god/goddess” the best you can come up with? Isn’t there some sort of intermediary level to this hierarchy of yours(which can only exist in your mind, surely)?

    Also isn’t “future potential” a bit redundant? The future is already impied in the word “potential”; what you are really trying to say is “future possible Sex God”, right?

  4. Bigwillystyle says:

    how bout some actual footy comments???

  5. vvzla says:

    that, or he is saying it CAN BECOME potential. what doesnt say anything at all.

  6. Sex God says:


    Yes, there is “some sort of intermediary level to this hierarchy”.
    If you were a regular reader of My material, you would be aware of this.

    As for “Also isn’t “future potential” a bit redundant?… what you are really trying to say is “future possible Sex God”, right?”, I would advise you to look up the definition of the word “potential”.

  7. Mel Gibson says:

    Sex God, fuck off, no one likes you or your pointless unfunny comments you prick.

    Is there a way of banning him, he really is a pointless annoying shit.

  8. Papi says:

    Allow me to be the first to post an actual relevant comment.

    50 bucks says that Sylvie wears the pants (judging from the wax face).

  9. :) says:

    no sex god. are you even reading mikedamone’s posts? ‘future potential’ is an absolute mangling of english grammar. we’ve read all your fucking posts – and i’m still unaware of the point of your ‘jokes’. you aren’t funny. piss off. you’re annoying.

  10. wolfinho says:


  11. Madjair says:

    Sylvie’s wax head looks a bit like Ronaldinho.

  12. Happy says:

    I love Sex God just for how he pisses everyone off, otherwise the comments aren’t too great.

  13. Joe says:

    Yeah ban that loser

  14. Sex God's Girlfriend says:

    Sex God has about 2 inches in his pants

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