Wigan Athletic 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur: Lactic’s Tactics No Match For Spurs (Photos)

Alan Duffy

25th, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

Wigan Athletic 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur – Premier League – 24 September 211

Wigan produced a first-half display of utterly dismal defending to hand visitors Tottenham a two-goal lead after just 23 minutes.

Honduran defender Maynor Figueroa was at fault for Tottenham’s first, with his sloppy pass allowing Emmanuel Adebayor to set up Rafael van der Vaart. Then, Gareth “best player in the world” Bale scored far too easily with a header.

Roberto Martinez’ side did rally after the break and were rewarded for their improved display with a goal courtesy of Mohamed Diamé, but the home side’s resurgence was stopped in its track on 62 minutes when Steve Gohouri was sent off after a reckless challenge on Bale.


Footballing wanderer Emmanuel Adebayor runs at the oppposition

Rafael van der Vaart celebrates his goal. Notice Sandro’s Smurf-influenced bonce.

His name is Luka. Modric holds off Diamé

The Welsh Messi nets his first league goal since er… January 1st.

Bale celebrates his rare goal

Alongside an unusually fit Ledley King, Conor Sammon leaps like a …. trout

Gohouri is sent off after trying to stop the unstoppable genius of Gareth Bale

Figueroa and Van der Vaart get high

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  1. COYS says:

    WTF is with the Gareth Bale hate? chris is it?

    what team do you follow?

    GB3 is indeed a very good player… who ever said he was the best in the world or the welsh messi?

    are you hating on Bale because he is a young, good looking, skilled and talented player unlike your clubs favored left winger.

    funny thing is one on one Gareth would run circles around that ugly midget fool messi pants.

    too bad messi pants isn’t a defender…plus we all know he would NEVER make it in the prem.

  2. Ben says:

    @COYS Are you a regular reader of this site? Learn to take a joke…

  3. wolfinho says:

    wow COYS, congrats, you are the stupidest commenter i’ve ever seen on pies. “who ever said he was the best in the world?” uh, fabio capello. “or the welsh messi?” uh, brian flynn + any idiotic bale fanatic. “good looking” uh, first of all, no, second, what does that have to do with anything? and the last two sentences, you’re just a complete rambling idiot. “NEVER”, really? because undersized players can’t play with the “big boys”? ask david silva, carlos tevez, kun aguero, luka modric, etc., etc., how that’s working out.

    just to be clear, i like bale, he’s a fantastic player, and on a better team than spurs (yeah, i said it) he might shine even brighter, but he still won’t be messi.

  4. swaim says:


    Im a spurs fan, and i love gareth bale and chris is obviously just having a laugh, he is a great player but its true he hasnt scored since jan 1st, and honestly, if u think messi is better than bale ur a an absolute fool. you’ve probably never watched a la liga match, messi is the best player in the world. sigh. it makes me sick that you’re a yid.

  5. Si says:


    “…and honestly, if u think messi is better than bale ur a an absolute fool.”


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