You Call The Shots: Your Club Can Sign One Player Before Transfer Deadline – Who Should It Be?

Chris Wright

27th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

One player sure to be high on everybody’s list, Zat Knight that is

A few players have hithered and thithered about since the turn of the year but, after a fairly dormant month on the transfer front and with only 385,589 precious seconds left until the January window SLAMS SHUT is closed carefully and contentiously by the relevant personnel, we impatient fools at Pies reckon it’s high time to start making big things happen – in our minds.

We’re going to stray into the realms of fantasy and play silly buggers for a bit by posing the following question: If your club could sign one new player before February, who would you have it be and for what reason?

Should Chelsea hedge their bets on Willian or Kevin de Bruyne or someone else entirely? Should Manchester United finally cave in, admit that Paul Scholes may not be the future of their midfield and go all out to wrangle Wes Sneijder from Inter? Chris Samba to Arsenal? Etc, etc…

There are no rules as such. You could go astronomical and demand that Lionel Messi plugs the hole in Barnsley’s front line, you could pick the shiniest gem from the names linked with your side in the rumour columns over the past weeks or you can go all shrewd and sensible ‘Moneyball-style’ on our arses by factoring in market forces and sell-on prices should you be that way inclined.

Me? I’m a Forest fan so I’ll take a defender.

Any defender.

One who doesn’t mind getting paid in Co-Op vouchers.

Go for it people. It’s a bit of Friday afternoon frippery is all. Just state your club, pick your target and then share your reasoning with the group. There’s no judgement here in the Circle of Trust…

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  1. Daniel Bothma says:

    For arsenal, a decent left-winger/striker who could fill in for both rolls. Burak Yilmaz sounds pretty decent and affordable.

  2. Scott says:

    Liverpool need a striker, I’m saying Lukas Podolski.

  3. Pkhakheria says:

    for city…noone, maybe a spare striker/winger , seeing as tevez will be gone. but I think we should give Adam Johnson way more chances ,

  4. Inno says:

    Celtic: A centre half who doesn’t have a head made of Toblerone

  5. Roc says:

    Newcastle United. Gareth Bale

  6. @Maffff says:

    For Reading FC:

    Ryan Bertrand back on loan until the end of the season then buy would be epic. Please…….?

    Gylfi Sigurdsson, Jordan Rhodes a backup CB and backup wingers wouldn’t go amiss either.

  7. Cager says:

    Manchester United. Please bring back Cristiano R. Thank You.

  8. xavier says:

    United should get Samba because Ferdinand is really injury phrone. He wil not cost that much and can play with his former teammate Jones in the center. The whole defence is injured this season and Samba look indistructable.

    Yann M’Vila would be a great replacement for Fletcher who is out. And Carrick who is not getting any younger. When Cleverly gets back he will lead the midfield again.

    The only winger who has been convincing is Valencia for me. Nani is not delevering and Young has good and bad days. And United need creativity on their wings just like Mata for Chelsea and Silva for City. Shaqiri from Basel could be our left footed genius.

  9. Gibby says:

    Rangers: Any Multi billionaire willing to fling his money about like an old scud book ! Honestly – Right Back, Creative CM who can actually pass to a blue jersey and open defenses, 2 wingers who can cross and a Centre forward !………. and some Toblerone Headed CH’s for Celtic !

  10. Dave says:

    For Man Utd I’d obviously like the return of Ronaldo, I’d love me some Neymar but realistically a new centre mid is needed, someone all round to play with Cleverley when he’s back. Hamsik? Eriksen? Becks on loan? That would be epic if slightly pointless… But I still would love to see it. I’m going to go for Schweinsteiger.

  11. Matt says:

    Leeds United – Tony Yeboah.

  12. Gordon says:

    Alex for Man City. Savic isn’t ready yet/may never be good enough and Alex would be cracking competition for Lescott to up his game. Yahtzee!

  13. bluemoon70 says:

    for city, i’d take chris samba. more back line cover is needed.

  14. JR says:

    As an Inter fan I would love to see United come pick up Sneijder for Berbatov and some cash.

  15. Simmo says:

    I wonder if Lionel Messi fancies a trip to South East London.Should ensure Charlton’s promotion .

  16. Ian says:

    @Daniel Bothma

    Anyone for Arsenal would be a god-send mate

  17. Where_JP_At says:

    SSC Napoli – How about instead of bringing in a player, I opt to keep Hamsik/Lavezzi/Cavani instead? Worth it to me.

  18. Manolo Garnix says:

    SC Freiburg:
    A decent Centre Back would be nice, but as we sold Cissé to NUFC I’d like to see Di Natale rescue us.

  19. German Scouser says:

    Liverpool: Mönchengladbach’s Patrick Herrmann

  20. Nick says:

    Cardiff City need a winger with some skills to pay the bills and the ability to defeat a Malky Mackay bleep test.

    Craig Noone will do.

  21. KingEric7 says:

    Makes me laugh how many people name obscure players from foreign leagues that they’ve seen on football manager or something. Just because they are hot shit over there doesn’t mean they can make it in the premier league, and just makes you look like you know nothing about football. Ever heard of Ricardo Quaresma?

  22. Meldeath says:

    Arsenal: Chris Samba. We need another GOOD CB, not some Mertesacker, who hasn’t delivered really in neither attack nor defence, where Samba would fit. Vermaelen-Samba partnership at the back would probably rock.

  23. Chris says:

    Some cracking shouts so far folks. I’d love to see M’Vila given a crack of the whip at Old Trafford.

  24. MaxMad says:

    Arsenal: I wouldn’t mind seeing a Ganso fill in some midfield space and provide some cracking attacking options. Though however unlikely, I would relish the opportunity to watch him in the prem. Also, as Samba is the most talked-about CB plug these days, I’d say Simon Kjær should ply his trade for the gunners as well.

  25. Peter says:

    @simmo. Sorry mate Messi’s coming to Sheffield to ensure automatic promotion for the Owls!

  26. Smith says:

    Everton: A striker and Mikel Arteta back.

  27. Tom Mordey says:

    Leeds United: I’m not overly bothered who we sign as long Bates stops selling all our best players!!

  28. Tom says:

    For Chelsea: A winger, such as Hazard or Adam Johnson who can play on the right. I don’t think De Bruyne is good enough, and Willian is over priced for what you get. A right back would be nice too

  29. Jack Wheeler says:

    Totttenham – CR7

  30. syndex says:

    Everton: Cerci (and he is actually coming)

  31. Congo says:

    Any one of Hamsik/Lavezzi/Cavani to Arsenal (sorry@ Where_JP_At).
    Albrighton from AV to Arsenal.
    Pay Blackburn $60M to take Mertesacker off our hands, and hopefully get Samba on the cheap.
    Sell Arshavin back to Russia for $2M.
    Offer a 2yr contract to Henry.
    Speed up the recovery of Wilshere by use of Cyborg Technology.

  32. Al says:

    Liverpool – Robbie Fowler and Ronnie Rosenthal to lace up the boots again akin to Scholes return, lethal partnership

  33. Al says:

    Oh and Kim Klaustram because he was always good on Championship manager there you go @Kingeric7

  34. Matt says:

    Can’t for the life of me understand why Arsenal don’t go for Clint Dempsey.

    To borrow an expression, he’s got the bottle, doesn’t he?

  35. Jack says:

    Arsenal should sign either Eden Hazard or Mario Goetze because they both would add the much needed creativty to the team. If we sign both, we can win the league!

  36. Alex says:

    The toon to sign matt jarvis and kevin doyle, or any one to sign benayoun and actually play him, totally underrrated player.

  37. Where_JP_At says:

    @congo Hey, my first love is Il Partenopei, but 1a. is the Gooners. If Lavezzi, Hamsik or Cavani want to come to the Emirates, FINE BY ME!

  38. Ali says:

    For Chelsea I’d love to see a striker, someone with the ability to score in any situation……….with that said though I still really really hope for Hazard to come to Chelsea!!!

  39. Paul Kirkland says:

    Arsenal- A left back, I can’t rely on Gibbs to last for more than a month and Andre Santos needs more time to get used to the quickness of the PL

  40. Giancarlo says:

    Milan—Get rid of Pato for as much money as possible. Buy Ganso.

  41. darren v says:

    man utd should sign Clint Dempsey, he has been on fire this season and would definitely boost MU support in USA

  42. Redskywalker7 says:

    @Crager agreed! Boy if that day comes..

    Ok how about a swap deal that see’s Pepe and D.Alves go opposite ways.
    Liverpool put in a sneeky bid for Evra. Villas Boas to tempt Gary Neville out of retirement… ect ect.

  43. dc says:

    Barcelona: Get rid of that mite elfen lad n bring in a propa center forrwad, aye! Methinks Emile Heskey could use a run out…

  44. Questionable says:

    Mats Hummels, and Mario Gotze from Dortmund would be a dream for Liverpool. The Future is in the youth of German football my friends.


    And anyone not shite for boro please

  45. Markell says:

    City need some cover at the back. I swear to you, I’d love to see Paolo Maldini’s 43 year old ass hauled out of retirement and in the Sky Blue for the rest of the year.

  46. Grant says:

    Dempsey to Arsenal

  47. SlimJames says:

    Tottenham: Sign Chris Samba and find a permanent striker for when Adebayor inevitably leaves to chase a fatter paycheck.

  48. Jonkops says:

    Aston Villa: No one will come in and Bent, Albrighton and Agbonlahor will probably leave as it is within in our rules that we must sell all our good players to Man Utd, Man City or Liverpool.
    + Chris Houghton to go from Birmingham to Villa as manager because thats apparently what happens now

  49. Zola says:

    Chelsea: Pepe. Partner him with Terry and Cole and we’ll have the densest collection of cunts in a defence the league has ever seen!
    But seriously, some more creativity in mid, like Modric, or Van Der Wiel at fullback.
    Or bring back Zola.

  50. Brian says:

    I concur. That dwarf fellow and the one who was inappropriately named “Xavi” Or “Xotti” or whatnot are complete wastes of slots in a proper starting XI. Emile Heskey might not possess the right talent for Barca; I suggest Carlton Cole and Stephen Ireland.

  51. Anonymous says:

    @Dave I’ve always wanted Pig Farmer dominating in the centre. He’s not afraid to master the dark arts of defending and thuggery either.

  52. darren mackie says:

    Rangers- darren mackie, top quality finisher in the spl,doubt rangers would cough up the 3 million fee

  53. USA says:

    USA’s dick in GB’s rectum!

  54. Greg says:

    Arsenal-Mark Van Bommel why not he can tackle

  55. Dont worry says:

    Man utd- Cleverley back for one and Eriksson is a player i like a fair bit, and a CB but not sure who

  56. Royalswe says:

    Reading – resign Glen Little on a lifelong contract. Legend.

  57. df says:

    cavani, soldado, or hazard for liverpool. a man can dream right?

  58. jake says:

    Arsenal – Jack Wilshere

    According to Wenger a return from injury is like a new signing…

  59. Ben says:

    Newcastle: Eric Djemba-Djemba. Just so we can be treated to the “Demba, Demba and Djemba-Djemba” combination.

  60. MaxMad says:

    Christian Eriksen for Arsenal 2012.

  61. Omar says:

    I would say Hulk for CFC, either Hulk or Mathiew Valbouena as a substitute winger for Mata/Sturridge

  62. yafud says:

    Aston Villa – Artiom Rudnev would be an improvement in our attack.

  63. MrMac says:

    CFC: Gotze/Kroos/Willian

    Just get some damn decent wingers and creative people now.

    IF we’re dreaming lets get ramos for right back, as he betrays mourinho :D

  64. Nick says:

    Chris, I’m a long suffering Forest fan as well, but I just want some goals. There musts be a ton of players that we could at least take on loan who could offer more than the useless lumps that we have up front. Most of them seem to be nothing more than players ‘who hold the ball up well’. How about any of these that don’t get a lot of games? We do’t have any cash so it’s got to be a cheap loan option I guess

    Robbie Blake – Bolton
    Peter Lovenkrands – Newcastle
    Rob Hulse – QPR
    Ricardo Fuller – Stoke
    Connor Wickham – Sunderland
    Roman Bednar – West Brom
    Sam Vokes/Andrew Keogh – Wolves

    I’ll take any of them please

  65. Del says:

    Aston Villa, David Villa when he recovers from injury. Heard rumours flying about on this one before his injury and it gave me ideas.

    Not to mention the name thing, entirely coincidental but awesome anyway! =D

  66. Solihull United says:

    birmingham city, leon best is about all we can afford at the moment…

  67. Nikki says:

    alonso back to liverpool. Ian rush and Kenny out of retirement, and probably a time machine too.

  68. Mo says:

    Manchester United – C.Ronaldo, Neymar or Samba

  69. Trifon Poliakov says:

    For Liverpool FC I would sign Hulk, M.Gomez or Soldado because we really need another striker. And Jovetic or Hazard for the wings..

  70. syndex says:

    Always liked Axel Witsel for everton, the borderline between pure talent and absolute psychosis that we have missed since dunc left and he sound like he’s from an early 90s videogame.

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