Arsenal Look To Robin Van Persie’s Five-Year Old Son To Strengthen Fragile Squad

Alan Duffy

16th, January 2012


By Alan Duffy

Gooners desperately hoping that Arsene Wenger will finally open his dusty old cheque book and splash out on Klaas-Jan Huntelaar or Lukas Podolski might have to hold that thought, as, according to the Guardian, the Arsenal boss is keen on signing up Robin Van Persie’s five-year-old boy, Shaqueel (surely he’ll be a basketball player?).

However, Van Persie Snr has revealed that the youngster is happy with his current local kids’ team.

“I honestly have to say that he [Shaqueel] has got a lot of talent for football, ” explained RVP. “I recognise a lot of stuff of myself in him. His coach is really great. Arsenal has invited him a couple of times to come and play there but he likes it at his club. He’s sensitive for a good atmosphere. Just like me.”

However, maybe young Shaqueel is none too impressed with the Gunners’ performances so far. He’ll also probably be aware that he can earn twice as much as Manchester City. Still, wherever the young scamp ends up, let’s hope that he hasn’t inherited his father’s infamous chocolate leg.

Watch the youngster lob his dad below. Surely he couldn’t do any worse than Marouane Chamakh?

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  1. bawbags says:

    perving on kids is a bit wrong, right? nice legs though (Robin i mean). and he has a red breast, like a robin. robin the bird. i’m hammered, not sure why i’m typing this. best of luck everyone, it’s nearly the weekend . help.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Excellent finish

  3. KingB3113 says:

    I reckon Shaquell will remain at his current team until the end of the season until he (and his agent) decides he has higher ambitions and makes a shock move to Manchester United….or Totenham Hotspur

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