‘Zamora Joins Coons Park Rangers’ – Deadline Day Sends Sky Sports Gobshite Jim White All Racist (Video)

Chris Wright

1st, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Anyone who has ever watched Sky Sports News on either August 31st or January 30th will already be well acquainted with Jim White; the insufferable, eardrum-rupturing Scotch twat that covers the deadline day vinegar strokes, booming away like a foghorn as, say, Bradley Orr arrives at Blackburn for a routine medical, etc, etc.

It’s got so bad, so completely and unabashedly self-absorbed that Sky Sports now even see fit to announce old Jim ‘entering the building’ as BREAKING NEWS ahead of his stint, labouring under the blinkered, self-important conceit that the nation at large gives one single flying f**k about their silver-haired Glaswegian Howler monkey and his gaping wind-tunnel of a larynx.

Good to see that he’ll probably be getting struck off soon then, as we just can’t allow this kind of blatant racism go unchecked and unpunished…

What. A. Bastard. Throw him on the pile with Keys and Gray.