‘When You Don’t Win Anything For Years, People Understand Why You Leave’ – Zlatan Urges Van Persie To Up-Sticks At Arsenal

Chris Wright

18th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Grade A shit-stirring from Zlatan this morning, in which the wandering, trophy-laden Swede urges Robin van Persie to up-sticks at Arsenal and move on in search of the trinkets his talent deserves:

“When you don’t win anything for years, people understand why you leave like Cesc Fabregas. Football is all about winning. If you don’t win you want to go.

“I don’t know Robin personally, but I remember him from Holland and what a talent he was — now he is complete.

“I don’t know what he is thinking but I know what I would do. I have made a lot of moves in my life — I take it as a challenge, an adventure. I have won eight titles in eight years with different clubs in different countries.

“But if you stay in one place all your life it is easy to play football. You are at home, you are in the comfort zone, but if you move to five different places it is a real test.

“If you succeed that’s when you become a real champion, that’s when you get more respect.”

Sounds very much like Zlatan choose to view his ‘here, there and everywhere’ career path as some kind of mythical sequence of Herculean labours in which he will emerge a demi-god upon retirement rather than of a man whose own monolithic ego has seen him jettisoned from club after club – but he has a point.

At this point in time; bearing in mind he’s 28, firmly in his prime and has an FA Cup and a Charity Shield to his name – is RVP just too good to merely toil away as the sole world-class constant in Arsenal’s current transitional mire? I don’t wish to Arse-bash, but it doesn’t look like they’re winning much any time soon.

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  1. Arsenesbrasso says:

    Ibrahimovic is, of course, a massive cock but he’s kinda a got a point. Most thoughful gooners wouldn’t blame RVP for buggering off this Summer.

    they only way Wenger is going to be able to keep him is by putting £10 million + per annum on the table, signing at least 3 really good players (& holding Mrs RVP & the little VP’s hostage)

  2. garza says:

    Zlatan, the mercenary.

  3. Gaz says:

    In 10 years time who will look back and remember Zlatan? He moves so much that fans of that club will forget him. Players who stay at clubs for long periods are remembered. (although it would he nice for RVP to win a couple more medals)

  4. man_dildo says:

    zlatan the man!

  5. Huy says:

    zlatan may be an epic egomaniac but hes the man and his word is the truth

  6. Grant says:

    This is also known as not having the fortitude to build something at a club. Zlatan has made the most out of being forced out of clubs for being a massive twat. He’s been lucky to slot right into clubs that were already on the rise (Inter after Calciopoly, Barca under Pep, and Milan after Inter’s collapse).

    Let’s also not forget that his titles at Juventus were stripped because of the match fixing scandal.

    He’s supremely talented, but he doesn’t have any respect for people who want to show some loyalty.

    I don’t know where RVP will end up after the summer, but I sure hope nobody gives him shit for showing loyalty to Arsenal, who stuck with him through his terrible injuries over the last half decade.

  7. Jay says:

    @Grant….Great post

  8. Mr. Sparkle says:


    hahaha, you are deluded. Everyone remembers mercenaries like Romario (who was at more clubs than I can remember), Crespo or Klinsmann.

  9. KingB3113 says:

    @Mr Sparkle you can add El Phenom (fat Ronaldo) to that list too. The guy played for countless teams but will still be remembered as a legend.

  10. Ka14 says:

    You can be a merc legend, Ibra, Crespo, Romario… OR you can be a Home legend, Thierry Henry, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Giggs/Scholes etc.

    Anyone who knows football, knows who commands more respect.

  11. Gaz says:

    Yeh you are right that i was making a big generalisation and you have good counter examples, but i feel that fans remember loyal players for a lot longer and give them more respect then jouneymen

    (although Ronaldo is mainly famous for international football so i dont think he is a good example)

  12. Papi says:

    @ Grant

    Agreed with Jay. He’ll probably move, but I’ll always remember his incredible goals at Arsenal.

  13. Tinez says:

    Fair comment if Zlatan hadn’t been sold by the best team in the world because he wasn’t potent enough.

  14. Bruno says:


    At Juve he dominated on the pitch and would have been the fulcrum of the future. At Inter he got disillusioned and chose to leave; everyone from Moratti to Murinho tried to convince him to stay. Barca didn’t work out, but he’s back to being the hero of the Milan fans. He’s already done enough to be one of the greatest Serie A imports of all time.

    Your picture of him is heavily biased from the bitterness of never seeing him play for your own team.

    On a side-note RVP playing up front with Ibra and Cassano would be nuts

  15. __wowza says:

    @Mr Sparkle: zidanne can go on that list too.

    do you think fans would look back on him and go “we can forget about him, he played for: real, bordeaux, cannes AND juventus”?

    RVP is the face of the club at the moment, and at the moment, he’s not winning anything. either wagner steps up and gets players who can help him or he should look for greener pastures. no one wants to be remembered as the best player on a mediocre team.

  16. WildScotsman6 says:

    I’ve always been one for loyalty. Moving around may win you prises and your name will be known, but you won’t a be legend with any of the clubs, just a popular name in football. I’d rather be a ledgend with a few who love me for staying than a popular nomand.

  17. aayush says:

    zlatan has’nt won champions league,in 2009 he was playing for inter,then he left for barcelona and inter won the champions league in 2010.then he left barca and went to ac milan and barca won the champions league in 2011.

  18. ray says:

    don’t like football

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