Theo Walcott Linked With Incredible Daniel Sturridge Swap Move – Could It Really Happen?

Alan Duffy

22nd, February 2012


By Alan Duffy

Charlie Wyett in The Sun today has come up with what would be a gem of a transfer story, if true of course. According to the shaggy-haired journo, the fleet-footed Walcott is a target for none other than Arsenal’s metropolitan rivals Chelsea.

According to the story, the inconsistent Arsenal man is valued at around £10million at the moment, with only a year remaining on his current contract with the Gunner.

In (arguably) putting two and two together and getting five, the story links in Walcott’s situation at Arsenal with that of fellow England attacker, Daniel Sturridge, who is reported to be a target from Arsene Wenger. The Chelsea striker is apparently rather unsettled at Stamford Bridge and would definitely add to the rather impotent (minus RVP) Arsenal squad.

With Chelsea prepared to pay mega-wages in comparison to Arsenal’s penny-pinching ethos, Walcott may well fancy a few more quid in his pocket so he can get a few more tattoos. But is this move really a possibility? Or is The Sun just filling its pages with another bit of fiction? And if there is truth in the story, would Gooners/Chelsea fans be happy to lose Walcott but gain Sturridge and vice-versa?

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  1. CFC_Jay says:

    No, no, and please no!!!! If it had been in any other tabloids i may have been concerned but no way on earth should we agree to a swap like that! Sturridge offers chelsea so much more than Walcott can (Theo has really not lived up to expectations and clearly doesnt have a football brain!) so it was be madness should this happen……….but i highly doubt it will!

  2. Solihull United says:

    i bet wyett needed a story fast

  3. If true, I say PULL THE TRIGGER NOW!!!!!

  4. muppets says:

    one daniel sturridge is worth about eight walcotts. useless bellend

  5. jake says:

    @CFC – Exactly why I would love Arsenal to make the move. I definitely rate Sturridge higher. Now that we have Ox we don’t need Theo.

  6. CFC says:

    God no! This story could give me nightmares! I despair at how completely useless walcott actually is, he spends around 89 mins in a match being completely anonymous. He can’t shoot, he can barely cross and his passing pretty fucking shit as well. He shouldn’t even be considered for England let alone the Chels. Sturridge is a live wire, unlike Walcott he knows how to use his pace to beat players. Theo always tries to knock the ball on and run after it (to minimal effect). He’s the new SWP but worse, everyone is gunna realise how truly ordinary he actually is and that he’s not actually even good enough for the goons! Rant over, I just hate him. Sorry

  7. Scott says:

    Ya, I’d take Sturridge by a mile. Need at least another player who can finish and Sturridge can.

  8. Nicolas says:

    Walcott is an imbecile

  9. Aman says:

    As a Gooner, I definitely would welcome Sturridge at Arsenal FC. He’s more consistent than Walcott.

  10. Patrick says:

    Indeed. Good deal for Arsenal, even if they had to pay 5mil or so for the swap.

  11. p says:

    walcott isn’t the sharpest knife but neither is sturridge, and in the chelsea squad he won’t unseat drogba AND torres from first choice CF. sturridge has also been playing out of position on the wing which has shown to be a problem for a guy who has almost no left foot to speak of

  12. MrMac says:

    …well…. us(CFC) have been playing the “Self Implosion” game for a while…..

    This could just be the next step :C

  13. dc says:

    chelsea are high as a kite if they think THEO WALCOTT is going to solve their “service to fernando torres” issue

  14. The only reason people don’t rate Walcott is that he’s been played constantly out of position since joining Arsenal. He is a striker not a winger.

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