Hernan Crespo Offered To Norwegian Second Division Side HamKam, Gets Swiftly Rejected

Alan Duffy

6th, March 2012


By Alan Duffy

Crespo reacts to missing out on that dream move to HamKam

Once the most expensive footballer in the world (Lazio paid Parma a record-breaking £35m for him in 2000),  free agent Hernan Crespo is now being touted around some of Europe’s less glamorous clubs.

According to reports in Norway, the former Milan hitman’s agent approached second-tier club Hamarkameratene, often abbreviated to HamKam, offering the tiny club the services of the 36-year-old superstar.

HamKam coach Vegard Skogheim received an email from Crespo’s agent, which took him rather by surprise. He said.

“I usually just delete these emails, but now I had to take a closer look”.

Apparently Crespo’s agent mentioned a proposed signing on fee of 300,000 Euros. Although the club don’t seem to be that interested, after all. Skoghreim said:

“At the moment we’re going with (Norwegian player) Magnus Nysveen, not Hernan Crespo.”

It somehow all seems a little sad. And very strange. Or maybe it’s some kind of “crazy” prank. What do I know.

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  1. Song Billong says:

    Hamarkameratene translates to The Hamar Comrades. Class club.

  2. Mr. Sparkle says:

    It is a class club, like West Ham of England, never won anything but the support is glorious.

  3. Alex says:

    @Mr Sparkle, I enjoy that fact. I’m glad they’re going with their own guy rather than a gimmicky waste of money.

  4. KingEric7 says:

    All I’ll say is beware before googling Ham Cam…

  5. a says:

    He’s old and expensive. Only new clubs from UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. would be interested

  6. ... says:

    Mr. Sparkle…West Ham have never won anything? Fair enough, maybe not much, never the league and not recently (starting to defeat my own point here :P) but 3 FA cups and one European Cup Winners Cup isn’t nothing…

  7. newcassel says:

    a Mate
    He’s old and expensive and shite !

  8. KingB3113 says:

    Why do some players refuse to retire on a high and just save their legacies? Well up to Zidane who quit while he was ahead (y)

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