Liverpool Finally Get Their Man – Joe Allen Joins The Rodgers Revolution For £15m (Photo)

Alan Duffy

11th, August 2012


By Alan Duffy

After a fair bit of too-ing and indeed fro-ing, Brendan Rodgers has finally been reunited with his favourite Welsh schemer, Joe Allen. One of the star’s of Rodgers’ Swansea success, Team GB star Allen had  been linked with a move to Anfield all summer. However, with the Olympics now over for Allen & co, the transfer could finally be completed.

Liverpool pay the Swans a reported £15million for the 22-year-old midfielder, who is clearly happy at making to move to Merseyside. He said:

“I feel incredible. Everyone knows the history of this club, it’s a massive club, and I’m delighted to have joined. The passion that people here have for football is something I share and I want to be part of that.”

“I’m looking forward to being part of some great years ahead for Liverpool.”

A very decent player and still only a youngster, Allen will no doubt add a smooth, technical touch to the Reds’ midfield. However, with Liverpool no doubt eyeing a Champions League spot next season, are Allen and fellow new-signing Fabio Borini really enough to get the Reds back into the title-chasing mix? I’m not so sure, to be honest.

Photo courtesy of Liverpool FC website


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  1. miki says:

    what is so revolutionary about spending lot of money on overpriced British players? Seems pretty normal for Liverpool.

  2. assistant dj says:

    Frankly this signing is embarrassing. Mark my words, here comes another Paul konchesky scenario, when the manager doesnt achieve anything and moves on at end of season we will be left with yet another very expensive piece of homegrown drift wood. Wish we would just grab a continental manager with already proven credentials and a good reputation with top players, oh hang on, a manager of that calibre wouldn’t look twice at Liverpool these days, sorry…

  3. Le Mulletmaster says:

    @Assistant DJ: Ahem….. Rafa Benitez

  4. Mr. T says:

    I for one am happy with the signing. The price is really steep, but well he has potential and he is only 22 and oh wait…..this reminds me of something I have been trying to forget…

    That said, as I commented earlier he is someone who is well versed in the football Rodgers wants to play, so it makes sense to bring him in. Midfield is crucial for retaining possession, so I guess a player who knows how it should be run according to the new boss doesnt hurt. Here is wishing him all the best and I hope he puts in many good performances for LFC. YNWA.

  5. Shel says:

    Agree with first two comments. Last year’s spending was money down the drain and since the signing of Carroll, English clubs have been upping the prices of players when they know Liverpool are interested. I also don’t agree with managers who come across unimaginative by assuming that a former player who worked well with one team would be as impressive in another. The fact we’ve had three managers in such a short space of time gives the club no real direction, instead it’s just a medley of ideologies. I’d prefer managers to work on damage limitations than to come in and start selling/spending straight away, though I think it’s hard for them to do this with the expectations/ruthlessness of owners these days. With that said I wish the best of luck to both Allen and Rodgers.

  6. Stiff says:

    Fuck sake you so called ‘fans’ are pessimistic. Give Rodgers and Allen a chance. He seems a better passer and creator than most in Britain so let’s just see how he does first before saying he’s a Konchesky, who frankly was the shittest cunt anyone could’ve signed. Go jump on the City bandwagon if you want to be those big a fuckwits.

  7. Stiff says:

    Fuck sake you so called ‘fans’ are pessimistic. Give Rodgers and Allen a chance. He seems a better passer and creator than most in Britain so let’s just see how he does first before saying he’s a Konchesky, who frankly was the shittest cunt anyone could’ve signed. Go jump on the City bandwagon if you want to be those big a fuckwits. YNWA

  8. SL says:

    Liverpool carry on paying 3 times the amount the overrated British players are worth.

    He made about 3 forward passes for the whole of last season.

  9. Patient Mental says:

    STIFF YOU ARE A LEGEND! Assistant dj just a depressed pessimistic ugly motherfucker who suffers small penis syndrome – go to city, get your continental manager, get your tevez and balotelli shits (who give fuck-all about the club), get your headline signings, and disappear in time for your “die-hard” club tattoo to fade. Anyways… Allen looks good but agreed is pricey, Liverpool definitely need quality cover in wings and up front, but with maybe only one more signing this season realistically we wont be top four just yet *Patience is key* Allen WILL become our Giggs/Scholes (british if you recall) and yes it makes me cringe but they made Man U. YNWfuckinA

  10. Alex says:

    Another overpriced brit

  11. Tom says:

    It’s funny how Liverpool fans single a man out (eg Konch) and then say “you’ll never walk alone”. I wonder if the irony is lost on them?

  12. Welsh Wizard says:

    Joe Allen was a massive Man Utd fan growing up. How do the Liverpool fans feel about that?

  13. Busani Madondo says:

    I think Joe Allen is a greate player but I am a beat not happy with diffence.

  14. Jevon says:

    Id keep quiet if I was a non Liverpool fan. Weve managed average 70% possession during preseason. Pass success rate of an average 90%…..dont fear us at your peril.

  15. Joe Allen says:

    I’m a bit over priced but then there is that 8/25 squad rule so I guess in ENGLAND, english players are a premium because most English people would rather lounge about on a couch, making derogatory comments about football clubs on their iPADS, eating pies. Rather than getting fit and also becoming a talented footballer or encouraging their children to run around outside. Assistant DJ sounds like one of those….

    Yes, I supported the Mancs as a kid. They are after all an exemplary team. I would love nothing more than to help Liverpool knock them off their perch. We all need an idol to measure ourselves against…. I’ve exceeded my own expectations by now being the playmaker in another very successful English team. Liverpool FC. YNWA!

    Brendan Rodgers is a fantastic manager! Jose Mourinho says so and he’s a special one so he should know.

    We’ll talk again in May 2013!

  16. Anonymous says:

    we had a few of them man u supporters playing for us over the years so what happened to give the manager and players a chance dont judge players till the have been giving a chance just look at lucas

  17. Del says:

    I have a feeling he’s actually gonna perform for the reds, unlike Henderson and Carrol who’s been more than useless so far.

    As others have said, lets give the lad a chance.

  18. I think liverpool should not make way with Andy Caroll . The reason why Caroll does not perform is that the manager is playing him wrong he’s surpose to play behind the strikers . And for the time he was at Liverpool the manager play him as a striker . caroll is the tipe of player if the strikers lose the he’s their backup’s . Especially when the team is on the attack his apperance is vital . striking out of the box his good in this area .

  19. Nampara says:

    Welcome Joe and lets show the world that Liverpool belongs up there with the best. “You’ll never walk alone”

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