Man City And Liverpool Wait In The Wings As Theo Walcott Stalls Over New Arsenal Deal

Alan Duffy

28th, August 2012


By Alan Duffy

Bloody hell, first Robin Van Persie, then Alex Song and now it’s looking increasingly likely that fleet-footed wideboy Theo Walcott could be leaving Arsenal for pastures new (and a massive new pay cheque).

The Times reported today that the England man, who lurches between speedy brilliance and brainless mediocrity, has refused to sign an extension to his current Arsenal deal, a deal which ends next year.  Interestingly, this news broke just as Man City’s move for Swansea’s Scott Sinclair hit a few snags. Could it be that Walcott’s ‘people’ are eyeing a big money move to the Etihad?

If Walcott does leave Arsenal, it will beg the question – how can a top team continue to stay competitive while hemorraging their best players on an annual basis – Fabregas, Nasri, RVP, Song and now Walcott? It doesn’t look good, does it?

However, on the other hand, Walcott has never lived up to the initial hype. While at his best, he is unplayable and able to tear some of the best defences in the world to shreds, all too often he looks like a footballer lacking the very basics of the game. And with his technical limitations, he’s never going to be a perfect fit for Arsenal’s tippy-tappy football. Maybe selling him and buying the likes of Jesus Navas would simply strengthen the Gunners?

So, if it happens, is it a good move for the Gunners? And if not City, where could he end up? Would the self-confessed Liverpool fan move to Anfield, a club who have already been linked with a move for the forward.  But would Brendan Rodgers really want him?

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  1. West End Blues says:

    I know you said ‘the likes of Jesus Navas’ but it always makes me laugh when he gets linked to a club. The guy suffers from chronic homesickness and anxiety attacks!! We nearly signed him in 06 and I’m pretty sure Real and maybe United have tried. He has flown home from pre-season tours and had to leave Spanish training camps in order to return to Sevilla. I really wish the tabloids would just give it a break. Oh Yeah Walcott, well I think he should count himself lucky Arsenal are willing to offer him a new contract…..

  2. Marc says:

    It doesn’t look good. They won’t win much for a few more years, they’re used to that though. Arsenal are just waiting to get a massive investment of their own. They’re a worldwide brand with huge investment potential. They’ve been a top flight club for 85 consecutive seasons with ups and downs. Losing a few top players isn’t going to affect them in the long term

  3. Greg says:

    I think this would be good for they Arsenal. Walcott has never been able to deliver on a consist ant basis and will not track back to defend also last season RVP made him look better than he is.

  4. lurker says:

    thanks for the memories, theo. best wishes. please take arshavin, bendtner and gervingo with you. cheers.

  5. Nikola says:

    liverpool are well known for paying too much for average players, so why not …

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