Snapshot: Dortmund Fans Wave Mario Götze On His Way With Huge ‘F**k Off!’ Banner

By Chris Wright

Dortmund played Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga on Saturday evening and, as well as being a sneaky little preview of the Champions League final, the game marked the first meeting between the two sides since the announcement that Dortmund fledgling Mario Götze is to join Bayern at the end of the season.

The Dortmund ultras took the opportunity to express their collective dismay at Götze’s career trajectory by unfurling a rather large banner at the Westfalenstadion…


“The pursuit of money shows how much heart you have. F**k off Götze!”

Message: received.

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  1. popopunk says:

    Ridiculous! Did they show this banner also to Marco Reus after he has been transferred to Dortmund at the beginning of this season?

  2. ! says:

    Reus is different because he started his career with the youth team of Dortmund (also he was born there). so that transfer was actually a player going back to his youth team, not a player moving from a club to it’s main rival.

  3. Timamagoyam says:

    I never understand these kinds of reactions. Of course I’m also frustrated when a great player leaves a club, but this is going way too far. Sure, Götze may be born and raised in Dortmund, but as with any other job, you want more money, especially in a job where you become useless after 33 (plus/minus a few years). If the fans were him, they’d have done the exact same in 99% of the cases.

  4. joe says:

    Good point though, I’ve always found these things a bit childish. Fans always find it perfectly OK to buy good players but if they’re sold they’re suddenly money grabbing bastards.

  5. porcelain sandwich says:

    I think it’s a stupid move to be honest. Gotze’s gone to Bayern, Lewandowski’s linked with everyone, Man City want Reus, Barcelona want Hummels and Man U want Gundogan. The only reason Dortmund can’t hold on to these players is because they refuse to pay outrageous wages, which is completely admirable. I can’t believe how ready some players are to give up on a team in the Champions League final.

  6. bob says:

    well there’s obviously a double standard there from the fans. but it’s just the football food chain, when you can pay more and offer higher chances of success, you’ll get the better players.

  7. p says:

    joe, bayern is their archrival. gotze’s decision is strange, he could have even gotten paid more by going abroad.

  8. Bryan says:

    Get a grip, you guys. They are upset because he went to Bayern. If he went anywhere else in the world they would have been fine with it. It’s like if City sold their best player to Man U. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be well received either.

  9. Peters says:

    Arsenal had the same banner for Van Persie

  10. Kin Ju Bing says:

    Bayern are not a big rival of Dortmund. Schalke 04 is Dortmunds rival. Bayern is just at present the biggest competition they have for winning.

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