Thierry Henry demands new signings at Arsenal

Ollie Irish

9th, August 2006

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Does he indeed? The cheeky sod. It’s a sad sign of the shift in power in football when a top player feels free to go to the national press – The Sun, in this case – and demand his manager makes some new signings. I respect Thierry Henry, but this outburst serves only to undermine the authority of Arsene Wenger.

Imagine Brian Clough’s reaction if Trevor Francis had done the same thing at Nottm Forest. Clough wouldn’t have stood for it (he’d have hit Francis, I imagine, and then sold him) – of course, 25 years ago managers held all the power and players wouldn’t dream of telling them who they should sign. Which is how it should be.

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1 Comment

  1. john ndichu says:

    am just in support of Henry.I mean am a kenyan living in kenya and hate it when the big teams get new signings yet arsenal has none.its time we stopped being poor while our rivals still purchase new signings.ETO would have been the bomb,,,,,,,,,but arsenal being a good team and poooooooooor,poor management we cant even buy that one t5hat would replace pissed but i love my team it is dying and am going down with it.