‘You Always Ruin Everything!’ – Zlatan Ibrahimovic Rages At Leonardo In Dressing Room As PSG Celebrate Title Win (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, May 2013


By Chris Wright

A slender 1-0 win over Lyon on Sunday saw nouvelle riche PSG win their first French league title since back in the primordial mists of 1994, though the post-match celebrations threatened to turn ugly when sporting director Leonardo tapped Zlatan on the shoulder and reportedly asked him to cut short his revelry to take a drugs test (though that is mere speculation at this point) as the PSG huddle sang and cheered in the dressing room.

Zlatan, as expected, did not take to this effrontery kindly, launching an angry tirade at the Brazilian, yelling, “you will always ruin everything!” at him in Italian…

The tete-a-tete between the two didn’t last long (thankfully the room was a little too crowded for Zlats to execute a roundhouse to Leonardo’s chin), but of course it’s been taken as a sign that the arsey Swede is almost certain to leave PSG this summer having collected yet another league title in another country.

As far as we can work out, there’s at least one top European league left that we can think of *hint hint* that Ibra is yet to conquer *hint hint hint nudge wink*.

All we need is Wigan to stay up and Dave Whelan to get his cheque-book out.

(Via 101GG)