Slavia Sofia Transfer List Player Who Cried After Costing His Opponents The Bulgarian Title

Chris Wright

31st, May 2013


By Chris Wright

Ludogorets Razgrad won their second consecutive Bulgarian first division title at the weekend, thanks largely to Levski Sofia (who went into the final round of fixtures in top spot) failing to seal the deal by beating local rivals Slavia Sofia in their last game of the season.

Instead Levski and Slavia drew 1-1, meaning that Ludogorets Razgrad pipped Levski by virtue of a 3-0 win over Montana to take the title by a solitary point on the final day.

As climaxes go, it was all very dramatic, with many Levski fans left distraught by the day’s events – including a chap by the name of Dimo Atanasov, a Levski supporter who just so happens to play for Slavia.

Poor Dimo (who was an unused substitute on the day) was apparently so devastated that his side had cost his beloved Levski the title that he burst into tears in the dressing room after the game – an outpouring of emotion which, as you can well imagine, hasn’t gone down particularly well with his employers.

Indeed, after the game, Slavia’s club president Ventseslav Stefanov publicly stated to the press that Atanasov will not be at the club next season for his tears of treachery:

“One of our players was crying in the dressing room after Levski failed to win the title. No doubt, he will not be part of Slavia anymore.”

All this and the Levski defender who scored the calamitously/suspiciously awful own goal (at 1:05 in the video) that actually denied the club the Bulgarian title escapes scot free!

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  1. Lukass says:

    I wouldn’t actually put the last sentence that way… After the match, the entire Levski team and their families were evacuated to a safe location due to a huge number of death threats they received from the radical right wing of their supporters… A number of them are considering vacating Bulgaria for good…

    • Matteo says:

      ……Is that forreal? I know many of the Eastern European fans are batshit insane, but players actually leaving the country permanently for fear of their lives? What is this, South America?

  2. Jesus says:


    That’s not quite true. Slavia’s keeper Petkov(ex-Levski player for more than 7-8 years, played major role in winning a point, plus he made some gesture towards the owner of Levski), the coach(ex-Levski coach, known for being a huge Levski supporter), and the owner of Slavia have recieved death threats from the Levski supporters so they had security guards with them for a few days.

    On the other hand, many players will leave Levski just because they are shit.

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