Transfer Toss: Chelsea Playing Footsy With Edinson Cavani And Hulk Under The Table

Chris Wright

7th, June 2013


By Chris Wright


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According to none other than Napoli’s president himself, Aurelio De Laurentiis, Chelsea have made the first move in a bid to sign Edinson Cavani – the man who is now within 11 goals of breaking Diego Maradona’s all-time scoring record (115 goals) for the club despite having been there for four fewer seasons.

“Chelsea are interested in Cavani and they will call me soon,” De Laurentiis told Napoli’s official radio station, Radio Marte. “I’m very happy that [Cavani’s] brother has said that he will stay, but if he did decide to go to Chelsea we would take time out to think and replace him with people worthy of replacing him.”

Meanwhile, Hulk has also claimed that the Blues have made coquettish eyes at him across the smoky honky tonk. When asked about a report linking him to a move to Stamford Bridge, Hulk said: “If I said there wasn’t anything in it, I would be lying.”

Oooh. The dirty flirt! If these two moves do come off, that’s a whole holy hell-load of money that Chelsea will be spending, with Cavani’s release clause set steadfast at £53.5million and Hulk believed to be going for around £35million.

Christ! After a disappointing couple of transfer windows, it looks like the summer of 2013 is poised to be utter pandemonium.

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  1. ryan says:

    yes cause mata, hazard and oscar were disappointing transfers.

  2. One Man Went to Mow says:

    So that would give Chelsea a choice of Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Moses, Torres, Ba, Marin, Hulk, Cavani, Lukaku and maybe Shurrle for 4 positions and then Ivanovic, Luiz, Cahill, Terry, Dave and Cole for another 4 positions. Seems a little top heavy to me!

  3. travis says:

    If cavani arrives, torres or Ba will certainly be shipped out. most likely torres, i hear atletico want him back. ba is a good squad player.

  4. Murray says:

    Hulk ain’t going to Chelsea. Zenit just wants to get rid of him after a rather SHITE season that did nothing to justify his high transfer fee and wages, and his agent is just looking to every other big money club that would have the capacity to pay back Zenit.

    Chelsea aren’t going to be buying somebody like that when they already have an abundance of wingers and attacking midfielders that they, as of yet, have no interest in selling.

    Cavani, however, is much more likely a priority on the transfer market, as the club, no doubt, seeking a MONSTER striker after Torres couldn’t quite fill the void left behind by Drogba.

  5. JoeT says:

    He meant disappointing throughout the league, no real big names have come to the premier league other than Hazard

  6. TravisKOP says:

    This is why I hate Chelsea and city. they ruin football by doing this kind of shite. Why cant they just buy in bits and pieces and then actually make some home grown talent. All this big spending has overinflated prices for players that the non oil-firm clubs simply cant compete with. 35 million pounds for hulk? you must be taking a piss! id say he isn’t worth half that and if cavani is worth 50 odd million suarez better be going for Cristiano Ronaldo prices.

  7. Fahrn Die Giesinger Bauern says:

    Chelsea have probably the best team in the PL in terms of players in my opinion but no system no cohesion and nothing exciting except some individual spurts of Mata and Hazard. add Cavani and Hulk and it will just be the same. They need to just have a coach develop the top class side they have. R.I.P English premier league with no FFP

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