Bayern Munich Forced To Apologise To Adidas After Mario Götze Wears Nike T-Shirt At Official Unveiling

Chris Wright

3rd, July 2013


By Chris Wright


Mario Götze has made a cracking start to life as a Bayern Munich player, forcing his new employers into issuing a formal apology to their long-standing kit provider Adidas after turning up to his official unveiling with a mahoosive Nike logo emblazoned across his chest!

Given that Bayern have been an Adidas club since forever, having their new €37million No.19 greet the press for the first time while proudly wearing the marque of their biggest rivals didn’t go down particularly well, with Bayern’s media director Markus Hörwick telling Bild:

“We were called by Adidas and we apologized that this happened. Mario Götze is authorised by his contract with Nike to wear their football boots during games, but he must of course meet the needs of our kit handler at official events like [his unveiling].

“Götze’s shirt regretfully passed us by in the general hustle and bustle that surrounded the event and we have assured Adidas that this will not happen again.”

Adidas spokesman Oliver Brüggen gave a fabulously German interpretation of his company’s reaction to Götze’s sartorial gaffe: “We were negatively surprised.”

Well, that’s that then!

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  1. Jood says:

    Modern football, because we could all do with more bending over for corporations

  2. Mr Sensible says:

    Fuck off Adidas, he’s sponsored by Nike, he can wear whatever the fuck he likes. Same goes with all that shit, a friend of mine who used to work at the ad agency who do all of Nike’s advertising told me if you go into work wearing any Adidas you are told change it immediately, bullshit.

  3. dusty says:

    “We were negatively surprised” – Classic!

    What’s the point in Adidas splurging millions to Bayern for promotional rights when at an official unveiling, their new star man parades around with a massive Nike tattoo on his chest – of course they’re going to pissed!

    And you can’t bitch and moan about “corporate football” on one hand while jizzing over big deals for star players that your club makes on the other hand – one isn’t possible without the other. Generally. Gotta take the rough with the smooth.

    Luckily, I support Celtic so don’t have worry about affording glitzy signings because we never spend more than £2m on a single player lol. The joys.

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