Atletico Madrid Sign David Villa From Under Tottenham’s Noses, Possibily For As Little As £2.1m

By Chris Wright

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Round of 16 - Second Leg - Barcelona v AC Milan - Nou Camp

“David, it’s chips for tea!”

Atletico Madrid have just have snagged themselves a hell of a bargain after announcing that they’ve agreed a deal with Barcelona for the Spanish striker that will see them parting with £5.1million, and that’s only if Villa stays at Atleti for the next two seasons.

Regardless of whether Villa is on the wain at the grand old age of 31, that’s a stone cold B-A-R-G-A-I-N. There’s plenty of goals left in the decrepit old codger yet!

Apparently, rather than the reported £4.4million price being bandied around, the initial fee is a piffling £2.1million for Villa, with Barca due an extra £2million if he stays at Atletico until 2015, and a further £1million if he stays until 2016. According to fairly well-placed reports coming out of Spain, Barcelona will get 50% of any sale if Atleti then decide to flog Villa on at any time before then.

This must all come as a bit of kick in the danglies to Tottenham, who had their little hearts set on nabbing Villa this summer by all accounts and were thought to be close to agreeing a deal with Barca, only for Atletico to steal their man for shrapnel.

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  1. hootiee says:

    Champions League football was his deciding factor, surely.

  2. Ray says:

    If this information is true, then thank f**k that we didn’t sign another has been centre forward passed his prime like Louis Saha was. Villa is almost 32 years of age and in my view not up to the rigours of the EPL having played in Spain his entire career which is far less robust than our EPL. Villa was a very classy centre forward in his prime but what Spurs need now is young hungry player like Christian Benteke who is able to keep up with the lightening speed of our attacks. He can cause absolute havoc with the service we can provide him with. If we can get him and one other like him, Spurs would be extremely dangerous and a very real threat for the premiership.

  3. Gio says:

    Or maybe he just wanted to stay in his homeland of Spain.

  4. MGJ says:

    He obviously came to his senses and realised he never wanted to become a spud.

  5. Wetspamishorrible says:

    Did I miss something? When did AVB or DL release a statement saying that they were Villa? I wish I was thick enough to believe everything that I read in the press or heard on talkshite, life would be so simple and so would I but I’m cursed with a brain that can think it through

  6. KingB3113 says:

    Why would anybody want to join Spurs anyway?

  7. Soccerisma says:

    Joined Villa because of CL football, he could never have risked his World Cup place by joining a non CL team

  8. Si says:

    @Wetspamishorrible – see “by all accounts” and “were thought to” comments in Chris’ original post. It is quite clear that nothing concrete has been reported to date and that the post refers to press speculation.

    Before unleashing your secondary school level of sarcasm upon the world, you may first want to at least attempt to develop the skill of learning to read between the lines of the posts on WAATP, particularly when it comes to transfer gossip.

    Surely your brain can think that through?


  9. Patrick says:

    Pretty stupid by Barca to add a 50% resale clause for a guy who’s 32. Great deal by Atleti though!

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