Arsenal To Move For Marouane Fellaini?

Chris Wright

14th, February 2010


By Chris Wright.


Marouane’s just laughing off the reports

I’m pretty sure I know where you can file these rumours (i.e, the bin) but there are whispers on the wind (i.e, a couple of French and Spanish newspapers have run stories) that Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini is close to finalising an agreement with Arsenal – with a four year deal on the cards in the summer.

Arsene Wenger is keen to add a bit of steel to his midfield ranks and the 22-year-old Belgian international is said to be the first name on the Arsenal manager’s end-of-season shopping list.

Can’t see it happening myself, Fellaini has been in superb form this season for The Toffees since being moved into a more defensive role at Goodison and I’m sure David Moyes would be loath to let his most effective ‘midfield enforcer’ leave the club just 18 months into a five year contract. 

Fellaini is definitely the kind of player Arsenal need to focus on bringing in though. A bit of ‘nasty’ to go with their already over-abundant ‘nice’.

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  1. Tiki says:

    Lol. Fail.

    Would be too expensive and is no better than Song.

  2. RedCurrant says:

    Bet you’re one of those hacks who make snide remarks about Arsenal being ‘too nice’ and then join in the column-filling witch hunts that ensue whenever an Arsenal player commits a foul on some sweet and innocent English darling.

  3. Connjam says:

    Is this article serious or is it supposed to be on April 1st? You said yourself that he’s 18mths into a 5yr contract making it impossible for him to sign a pre contract agreement. He’s also publicly stated how happy he is not only at everton but living an extremely quiet life in Liverpool. I think if u want to substantiate your article then at least name sources.

  4. Andrew says:

    The stories weren’t for Fellani,they were for Chamak and he can’t sign a pre agreement until both clubs agree to a fee.
    Fellani wont come cheap which mean he wont come
    atleast not to arsenal?

    So yeah BIN IT

  5. Ali Saljuk says:

    Its Maroune Chamakh not Fellaini Arsenal have signed a pre-contract with !!

  6. syndex says:

    man utd are apparent going for jack roadwell for 30M our other enforcer and if moyes doesn’t want to lose them it will cost either club what they are worth times two or three, think lescott

  7. Art johnson says:

    Arsenal haven’t got enough money to buy Fellaini .. 3 1/2 years left on his contract , bought for £15m , playing the best football of his life and only 22 years old ….. No chance !

  8. rsca says:

    “Fellaini is definitely the kind of player Arsenal need to focus on bringing in though. A bit of ‘nasty’ to go with their already over-abundant ‘nice’” lol exactly

  9. chet says:

    although we do need to add a bit of steel to our midfield, i dont think it should be our number 1 priority…goalkeeper.

  10. Chringle says:

    @Connjam: Sorry mate, I realise I worded the article incorrectly – I’ve ammended it now.

  11. King Richard says:

    Yes, he’d be ideal. We could move him by ambulance from their treatment room straight into ours. Just what we need.

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  13. AP says:

    Song is better.

  14. Mace says:

    Wishfull thinking fellow gooner. Good player that he is i would have Song before him any day.

  15. adboue says:

    everton have even less money than us, so if the price was right they would accept an offer… would probably have to be around the 15m mark. cant see it happening at that price

  16. hmmm says:

    so a player has never left a club while only a 3rd of the way into his contract?

  17. hmmm says:

    everton are on hard times

  18. tom says:

    fellaini beats song everytime !

  19. Bluejohn says:

    What a joke there is no way that Fellaini is moving Arse would have to offer £50+ million and Song isn’t fit to lace fellaini’s boots.

    the smoke must really mess up the brain down there.

  20. Mark the toffee says:

    Arsenal couldn’t get Louis Saha from Everton. And they have NO CHANCE of getting Fellaini.

    And LOL at the ones saying Everton are on hard times.

    Move along.

  21. robbie says:

    this is for andrew who commented earlier even though he probably wont see it.

    if a player is out of contract then you don’t have to pay a fee to the player’s former club. that wouldn’t make any sense considering the player no longer belongs to that team. arsenal will not have to pay a fee for chamakh.

    and we don’t need fellaini. he’s no better than song, and attacking wise, diaby is a bit better although he is inconsistent. with denilson and ramsey also in the mix, i don’t see the need to buy fellaini. if we do end up selling a midfielder i believe it will be denilson. he’s a good footballer, but diaby and song have really stepped up their game up this season, and i can’t see him being happy sitting on the bench.

  22. ArmaghArsenal says:

    Id love him to sign Moyes has found a gem!!Fabregas going mainly forward n Song holding with Fellaini box to box would b class and he is great at set pieces and also on the ball.When u think about he is probably the most under rated player in the league because every1 is raving bout his holding midfielder performances this year and last season wen everton ad no attackers he did class going 4ward!!

  23. fadzgas says:

    i don’t think that will happen…alex song better than fellaini…only 22 years…you are rubbish news

  24. Michael McGrath says:

    A Song for Fellaini !
    plus five million –
    and we’ll all have a Happy New Year .

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