Hernanes Leaves Final Lazio Training Session Before Inter Milan Move, Cries While He Poses For Fan Photos… (Video)

Chris Wright

30th, January 2014


By Chris Wright

Touching stuff here from Brazilian midfielder Hernanes who, while driving out of Lazio’s training complex for the final time ahead of his impending move to Inter Milan, stopped and smiled while he posed for photos with the fans gathered outside – though he could only stave off the EMOTIONS for so long before he burst into tears in his car…

Awww, poor lamb.

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  1. Yogi says:

    Aint fan lie, this was emosh. Does anyone know what was said that sparked it at 33 seconds exact?maybe a; we will miss you?If you leave, you sleep with the fishes?

    Really warm to Rafa Nadal after this.

  2. INTER291103 says:

    @Yogi: a fan told him «c’hai la lacrima all’occhio» which can be translated in english as «you have a tear in your eye».

  3. Yogi says:

    @INTER291103: Grazie! Blimey, proper humanity there from the fans consoling the player and pure emotion from Hernanes. A rare humane moment in footy.Thanks Pies & INTER291103! (No sarcyness intended).

  4. Petrovsky KSC says:

    good touch by all the guys involved. heart-warming. players who have true feelings for clubs they play for. rare phenomenon in today’s football business

  5. jojo says:

    This is what football should be all about. Pure emotion. Truly moving stuff.

  6. wakee says:

    I think lazio have made the biggest mistake letting hernanes leave. For me thier three top players were zarate whos left. Hernanes is going then after summer klose will go. How do u replace these starmen

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