Chelsea Planning £25m Bid For Emmanuel Adebayor?

Chris Wright

8th, March 2010


By Chris Wright


Bear with me on this one. Chelsea are apparently readying a huge £25 million summer bid for Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor. Sounds a little improbable at first doesn’t it?

However, the more you think about it, the more it starts to make sense. There are a few factors that, when totted up, seem to add a bit of weight to the rumour.

Chelsea could do with some fresh blood up top as Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba aren’t getting any younger (both are the wrong side of 30), Salomon Kalou is hit and miss (emphasis on the miss) and Daniel Sturridge is inexperienced and, to be brutally honest, doesn’t really look like developing into the superstar he was touted to become.

Adebayor almost joined Chelsea during the summer, but moved to Man City as they were the only club capable of matching Arsenal’s asking price and the Togolese striker’s wage demands, and Carlo Ancelotti is a known admirer of Adebayor as the current Chelsea boss tried to sign Adebayor whilst still at the helm of AC Milan.

Looking at the prospective deal from City’s perspective it also seems fairly logical. Adebayor, who has been somewhat overshadowed by fellow new arrival Carlos Tevez, is apparently unhappy with life at City – and we all know what he’s like when he’s unhappy don’t we?

He is said to be one of the growing list of squad members who are becoming increasingly disenfranchised with the way Roberto Mancini goes about his business at Eastlands, so maybe the Italian coach would be wise to ship him out before the Togolese striker starts throwing his weight around like he did during his final months at Arsenal.

Also, with City seemingly hell bent on signing Gonzalo Higuain (along with whichever other trinkets catch their eye from here-on in) in the summer, maybe they would be willing to let Adebayor move on – recouping a large proportion of their initial outlay on the target man.

Anyway, all I’m saying is that it makes sense. Whether the move will happen or not is another thing entirely.

Do you reckon Chelsea would be wise to pursue their interest? Or is Adebayor just more trouble than he’s worth?

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  1. Squelch says:

    £25m? Blimey football really has gone mad. If I was Chelsea I’d rather sign Aguero.

  2. Chringle says:

    @Squelch: Yeah, I think I’m inclined to agree

  3. CFC says:

    Obviously should just sign both xD

  4. Blue_heart says:

    Don’t really believe the story. This sounds like one of the usual made up articles that inevitably coming of the back of results like the City beating one Chelsea the other weekend.

    It’s like jealous neighbours after seeing their neighbours buying a better car than them. They overreact and go and get a new one because they can’t stand being second best in the car sakes.

    This is just the football equivalent. City take 6 points of Chelsea. So what to do next, head scratch, then out pops, let’s say we are going to buy Adebayor.

    No, I just can’t see it ever taking place it’s laughable really. Let’s put it down to the WAATP having a quite day.

  5. dkd says:

    honestly….im ashamed that they r signing this guy and not david villa

  6. Bruce says:

    This site should be renamed who ate all the drugs. Complete rubbish probably started by Cook to help him get rid of another city flop.

  7. Thabang says:

    Daniel Sturridge will be a monster of a player, I have copied this blog and when Sturridge is a superstar, like you doubt he’ll become, I will rub this article in your face. But all in all (other than paragraph 3) this is an insightful and surprisingly sensible proposition you put forth and I think it may happen, but not at 25 mill….that’s too much. He’d also have to be economical with his wage demands.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Men was up what is going on who is adebayor,u no see aguero who rate drogba best striker in d world and he like to p/n with him what of villa,pato,dzeko,di maria men shine ur eyes.

  9. Tijani Abdullahi says:

    what is spectacular with Adebayor? carlos A. should look somewhere else and spend wisely. The $25M is too much. I prefer Sturridge who struggle for ball to Adebayor who wait for an opportunity to score. Chelsea should buy wisely.

  10. gene gitau says:

    Ade is not a good acquisattion for chelsea,bad attitude,bad mouth,bad publicity,and certainlly not worth the trouble,go for the likes of aguerro and pato,young ambitiours and eager to learn.They will compliment the likes of sturridge,di santo and kakuta and competition for starting places will be certainly an instant hit for the club and fans as well.
    Gene chelsea’s no1 fan nairobi,kenya

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