Wilson Palacios Stuns Tottenham: ‘I’d Love To Join Real Madrid’

Ollie Irish

10th, March 2010


By Ollie Irish


Tottenham midfielder Wilson Palacios has admitted that he hopes to join Real Madrid one day.

The 25-year-old enforcer, who is heading to this summer’s World Cup with Honduras, has revealed he doesn’t fancy a long-term future at the Lane. Instead, he has his heart set on a move to Real Madrid.

“I am really happy at Tottenham but I will continue working for a future move to a bigger club,” Palacios told The Sun.

“I would love to play for Real Madrid.”

Bummer. I had hoped to keep Palacios for the next five years at least, but apparently he’s one of those ambitious types who would like to play for an even bigger club than Tottenham – and saying “I would love to play for Real Madrid” is pretty unequivocal.

Wilson, how could you!? Oh well, at least he likes to play in white.

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  1. Grant says:

    Don’t get me wrong, as a Yank, I’m more than aware of how dangerous Palacios can be, but Ollie, you’ve seen more of Spurs than I have. Is he really in the realm of Real Madrid?

  2. gorgeousGeorge says:

    So long has he is hungry and does the business for us I am happy. If we can sell him 30mil or so to Real Madrid at some point in the future even better. It’s a win win scenario ;-)

  3. Shahaan says:

    Grant.. Real Madrid is a complete circus… being a spurs season ticket holder you really do see the quality the lad has. Competing with Diara and Kaka.. the way they are playing? Palacios is on a different level and in the near future he can break into that squad. Not too pleased that he has come out with this!

  4. Squelch says:

    Think I’d rather have Lassana Diarra.

  5. luther says:

    Palacios can sod off now. Vastly overated get’s booked just by walking on the pitch, can’t pass to save his life and get’s pulled all over the pitch.Total liability, rather have Daws on 1 leg than him.Please leave this summer.

  6. kes says:

    Luther, you’re a total idiot. If you had bollocks for brains you’d be a professor.

  7. fuckuluther says:

    luther u are a fucking idiot. palacios is one of the best deffensive midfielders in the world and is wayyy better than lassana diarra. He is the reason tottenham is in the champions league. without him so many goals would be scored. palacios is much more then madrid material he is barcelona material and would easily take the spot of diarra,kaka,alonso,ronaldo anyone in the midfield posicion

  8. jimmy says:

    I sort of agree with luther although i wouldnt say palacios is a total liability. Im a londoner livin in australia and we get every single premier league game televised on foxtel. This season i missed two games. For all that palacios offers, how many free-kicks does he give away just outside the area that lead to goals? and how many times does he dilly-dally on the ball miss-placing passes? too many (the away united game was the worst ive seen him play). his presence in the squad however and his energy does make others get stuck in and he has also been great for huddlestone, who has been brilliant for us this season. whether he stays or goes players like palacios are a strong stepping stone to success until we can attract more players of modric’s quality.

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