Uruguay Coach Oscar Tabarez Reveals Barcelona Have Had A Deal In Place With Liverpool For Luis Suarez Since November 2013

Chris Wright

7th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

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In an interview with Montevideo-based radio station Sport 890, Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez has apparently revealed that Barcelona have had a long-standing deal in place to sign Luis Suarez from Liverpool since November of last year.

With the translation appearing on Reddit/LiverpoolFC this morning, Tabarez reportedly claimed:

“Luis had told me about the Barcelona interest in November last year a few days before the Jordan match (20th November 2013).

“At that time the talks between Liverpool and Barcelona were very good and an agreement was arranged back then.

“After the amazing season he had Liverpool did not want to sell him understandably and they began to back out of the deal they made with Barcelona in November last year.

“Luis got word of this a day after the victory against England. He was a changed man, he got upset and his head was elsewhere.

“He could barely train with the rest of the team. I had to have him train with a different group from the main squad.”

Coincidentally, Suarez then went and signed his gigantic new four-and-a-half-year/£200,000-per-week contract with Liverpool the following month –  complete with the £75million (or thereabouts) release clause that Barcelona are currently in the process of activating.

Call us raving, boggle-eyed, tin-foil bonnet-wearing conspiracy theorists but could it be that the two parties surreptitiously agreed to that price back in November before shoving the contract under Suarez’s nose – Barca to ensure that they’d eventually get their man and Liverpool to ensure that they’d eventually get their money knowing full well Suarez wanted outski?

Holy clandestine machinations, Batman!

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  1. Joe says:

    No, really?? That doesn’t sound like the football I know..

  2. azara says:

    …it has been obvious that this was the case however blinkered pool fans have been, some down right obnoxious in their deluded assumption suarez would not be sold… how foolish they must feel now, stabbed in the back by suarez. mugs.

  3. Al says:

    @azera – I think you need to brush up on the use of “mugs” to describe people.
    – Liverpool dug their heels in last year in not selling him,
    – got a clause in the contract to get a minimum amount for him,
    – kept him to help us get in to the champions league
    – now going to unload him for 75 million while he is under a 4 month ban
    – have that cash to buy players to strengthen and can compete for higher quality players due to champions league qualification

    Damn those “mugs”, managing to get a fairly good result from a bad situation

  4. Si says:

    @Al – that will be enough to buy just over two Andy Carrolls.

  5. malag says:

    Isnt it amazing this all comes from uruguay manager.its the reason suarez bit chiellini.his head was all over the place.so now fifa can reduce the ban because its all liverpools fault.more ullshit from the uruguayan heirachy

  6. Aran says:

    Al, i think Azera means you were mugs for insisting suarez loved liverpool and was happy to see out his new 4 year deal when quite clearly he only signed the new contract so he could leave at earliest possible opportunity. The club knew what they were doing all along and were clever to get another year from him as you say but the fans were mugged off and possibly rogers was too. You all angrilly stated as if fact that suarez would stay 4 years and abused anyone who said he’d leave. Check a few message boards and see what I mean. Azera is correct, the Pool fans have been completed mugged.

  7. Al says:

    @ Aran – I accept that there are an element of Liverpool fans that go on message boards and make a tit of themselves but to state that we all believed he’d see out his contract isn’t accurate, anyone with a small bit of football knowledge would have been aware he was off to Spain at his first chance. English clubs can think what they like about the Premier league but the reality is no English club has the pulling power of of Barca or Real, a quick look at their starting line ups shows that. I don’t feel mugged off at all and actually feel relief that we got to the Champions league before he was sold

    @ Si – I know, I can’t wait, serious firepower with two Carrolls next year

  8. Iain says:

    @ Si,

    Or maybe three more Luis Suarez…

  9. YWNAgain says:

    This story has been debunked, Taberez didn’t even do an interview on the station.

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