10 More Players Who Look Utterly Miserable About Joining Their New Club

Chris Wright

3rd, February 2015


By Chris Wright

With Aaron Lennon doing his very best Eeyore impression while posing as an Everton player for the first time this morning, we thought we’d take a timely look at ten other players who couldn’t have looked more miserable about joining a club if they tried – starting with another dour beauty from yesterday…

1. Robert Huth

“I could not be happier to be here in Leicest…I’ve made a terrible mistake”


2. Nicolas Anelka

Le Sulk doing his usual mard-arse shtick, made ten times worse by West Brom dubbing a ridiculously jaunty tune over the top…

3. Carl Jenkinson

There is a deep, dark fear in those eyes…

4. Marouane Chamakh

See what signing for West Ham can do to a man?


5. Stefan Jovetic

Couldn’t even be arsed to sort himself out with a Man City scarf…

Soccer - Stevan Jovetic Signing - Etihad Stadium

6. Lukas Podolski

Escaping to his happy place.

7. Emmanuel Frimpong

Frimpong accompanied this picture of himself looking suitably nonplussed at joining Barnsley with a Tweet reading “How am I gonna draw girls now?”


8. Fabio da Silva

QPR. Yay.


9. Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano

This pair didn’t have a single solitary clue where they were between them.

10. Julian Faubert

An absolute stone cold classic: Faubert’s still-baffling move to Real Madrid, as summed up by Alfredo Di Stefano…


Bonus shouts…

Sebastien Bassong, Norwich (via @Phil_Oliver)…


Leon Clarke, Wolves…

Jonathan Legear, Blackpool (via @GFarrimondWIG)…


Any more you can think of Pies fans? Give us a shout.