Here’s Why Arsenal Are The Real Champions League Winners This Year

Chris Wright

15th, May 2015


By Chris Wright


Vermaelen, it should be noted, is yet to play a single competitive game for Barcelona since arriving from The Emirates last August due to his entire lower body being made from elastic bands, paper clips and warm blue tack.

So that £3million bonus, coupled with the £3.2million in saved wages for the 10 months he’s been off Arsenal’s books means that the Gunner’s have basically paid themselves £6.2million for graciously allowing Barcelona to, A) take a hopeless permacrock off their hands and, B) win a tournament they never had much chance of winning themselves.

Of course, Barcelona will still take home the £10.8million UEFA prize pot, but that’s really by the by.

Congratulations to Arsenal: The real Champions of Europe, 2015!

Sort of, anyway.