Chelsea Newboy Nathan Swears His Loyalty To Being Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Paul Sorene

15th, May 2015

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Chelsea are doing their transfer business early, investing £4.5million in 19-year-old Nathan Allan de Souzahas.

The Brazilian bought from Atletico Paranaense didn’t take long to show off his ability to speak English whilst saying nothing:

“I am very happy to be joining Chelsea, the champions of England, and I hope I will be able to learn a lot and develop my game.”

Something tells us he’ll fit in nicely.

Nathan was, however, more verbose last week, telling his Instagram followers:

“A dream is coming true! First of all I want to thank God for always lighting my way, my dad who always believed in my talent and was a real warrior while helping me to reach my goals, my family and friends who always supported me.

“And I am also thankful to Club Atletico Paranaense, which was part of this journey and where I played for 6 years of my career.

“Thank you Chelsea for trusting in me, I will do my best to support my team on reaching new achievements. WE ARE ALL BLUE.”

Da ba dee, da ba dah.

Of course, being blue has a slightly different nuance in English – but he’s not the only one not fully versed in the the habits of his new homeland.

This is Nathan riding in a car with his sister, who looks like she’s already got the hang of the traditional British greeting…

Nathan Chlsea

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1 Comment

  1. Ron says:

    Ah yes, badly worn hats, bad tattoos, and a stupid selfie face…it’s so nice that our culture is now globalized and fools around the world do the same thing, over and over. Take photo of self, put on internet.

    Modernity, it’s grand!

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