Transfer Balls: Arsenal ‘Gazump’ Chelsea In Annual Gonzalo Higuain Shark Hunt

Paul Sorene

4th, June 2015

Transfer Balls spots the arrival of Gonzalo Higuain. Like sharks off the coast of Dorset, Cliff Richard rain dancing at Wimbledon and white dog poo, the British media heralds the return of another mainstay of the summer: Higuain.

The Guardian wonders if the Napoli and Argentina striker is heading to Chelsea for £30million. The Metro says he’s off to Arsenal for £42million. The Star says Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool all want Gonzalo Higuain.

And we go back to the Sun’s 2013 scoop that Higuain was a Gunner…

arsenal higuain

Higuain never did sign.

But maybe this this year he will. Maybe.