Liverpool: OCG Nice Stick Up For Mario Balotelli In Silly Twitter Quarrel With Jamie Carragher

Chris Wright

8th, September 2016



OGC Nice have come riding in like the social media cavalry into the midst of the ongoing Twitter mithering between Mario Balotelli and Jamie Carragher.

The tit-for-tat began when Carragher quipped that Nice had “overpaid” for Balotelli when they signed him on a free transfer from Liverpool on deadline day.

Balotelli then hit back by branding the ex-Reds defender a “bad player” but a “wonderful hater”. Yep, it’s all exceedingly high-minded stuff so far.

Things then went quiet for a few days before Carragher – who, it’s worth remembering at this point, is a 38-year-old adult man – reignited the feud with yet another sarcastic comment when asked by a fan for his thoughts on Balotelli leaving for Ligue 1…

Naturally, Nice weren’t prepared to just sit there and listen to that kind of derogatory besmirchment, duly clawing back at Carra with a devastatingly witty plug for their online club store… 

Christ. It’s like Diouf vs Gerrard all over again. A heavyweight intellectual clash for the ages.

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  1. Vonslaich says:

    I’m not sure carragher should be criticising another teams transfer policy.

    Liverpool’s has been shit for pretty much 20 years.

    • LFC says:

      Champions of Europe ’05
      Still yes Liverpool’s transfers have been mostly overpriced shit players as of late

      • Murray says:

        Worst team to ever be called Champions of Europe.

        Nobody ever refers to a championship win as a “MIRACLE” because the team was GOOD.

      • Vonslaich says:


        I’m not disputing The Pool winning the Champions League, but come on, they payed £35m for Andy Carroll. I just Carrugher should take note.

        But maybe I’m a asking too much of a football pundit to perhaps have done a little bit of research.

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