Arsenal Will Listen To Offers For Tomas Rosicky

Chris Wright

26th, April 2010


By Chris Wright

Rosicky, seen here in default setting

Rumours abound that Arsenal are willing to cut their losses with Tomas Rosicky and are ready to listen to offers for the Czech perma-crock.

Rosicky’s former club Borussia Dortmund and VfB Stuttgart are both said to be interested in acquiring the services of the 29-year-old midfielder, and The Gunners are willing to listen to any offers in the £8 million region.

Rosicky has made only 70 appearances for Arsenal in over four years at the club due to various recurring injuries – including a hamstring tendon problem that ruled him out for the entire 2008-09 season.

So Gooners, what would your call be? Strike (cash in) whilst the iron’s (money’s) hot (good)?

Or would you give Rosicky another year at The Emirates? After all he is starting to show flashes of his former pre-injury self again.

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  1. Ollie says:

    I think if Arsenal can get £6m+ they should take it. Rosicky is done.

  2. JDC says:

    As much as I like Rosicky, he really hasn’t done a whole lot for us and I think he’s past his best. Cash in, please.

  3. Dickens says:

    Arsenal is like Logan’s Run. If he doesn’t leave before he’s 30, Wenger will have him exterminated by Martin Keown.

  4. arsenal4ever says:

    if we can get HAzard or Di Maria then sell him!!!

  5. Beast says:

    Get rid of him!Get him off the wage bill. He doesn’t deserve his wages.

    Crocksh1tski has done nothing for us in 4 seasons so why keep him?

    I would take a lot less than £8m.

  6. Ad says:

    Failed to live up to expectations. Was injured through his “peak time” and now is just treading water. Tries hard occasionally but no end product and no ability to hit the target for an attacking midfielder. Poor Pires replacement. Get rid.

  7. Faisal says:

    Keep him no doubt. He comes right after Fabregas in terms of that “final” pass.

  8. Danish Gooner says:

    Get rid !!!! Rubbish player with a defeatist attitude.

  9. Neal says:

    Sell one of the experienced heads in the squad? No thanks.

  10. Judith Le'Strange says:

    I believe if Arsenal can get between £6-8 m then they should take it and let’s get someone slightly less injury prone, if that’s possible!!

  11. anandamide says:

    This is a false choice. I guarantee you that nobody is interested in paying that kind of money for an injury-prone 29 year old player. Given the paltry sum we’d likely raise for him (probably about a quarter of what you’re quoting), I think keeping him for another year is the best option.

  12. wth says:

    what? are u guys nuts. rosicky is quality, we cannot let another good player go. denilson is the 1 who should go. even walcott, i would be hapy to sell him, that guy is the true no end product. all he can do is run only

  13. musher says:

    Get rid of Silvestre, Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, Rosicky, Walcott(overrated), Eucado(sorry), Gallas(head too big).

  14. xmorph says:

    We already have a ready-made replacement for Rosicky in the form of Jack Wilshere, who I’m dying to see play first-team football for the Gunners next season!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Never ever……dont try.if its cutting losses offload silvest,fabianski,vela then loan eduardo.bring in cd,dm(melo) en 2 strikers

  16. goonergerry says:

    Rubbish- Tomas is a real talent-give him a pre season to get really fit-he is a class act- has lot a bit physically towards the end of the season.

  17. Goonerman says:

    He don’t score so get rid.

  18. Paul N says:

    Some one said Rosicky is rubbish!?! ha ha.

    Thats the silliest comment of all, Rosicky is class and still has a lot to offer. I would doubt the knowledge of any football supporter who who cannot see that.

    Xavi and Iniesta dont score either, I suggest Barca get rid of them also.

    If you dont score, SEE YA? Come on now, lets think this out before the rash statemente, mainly due to our end season failures.

  19. Sean says:

    Rosicky is on one-year rolling contract, no way would Arsenal get £8m with his injury problems.

    Wenger will give him a proper pre-season and a year to prove himself.

    If he were sold, what would we get to replace him? Nothing.

  20. mikel says:

    Sell him and offer denlison free with him.

  21. Eboue says:

    True he has been pretty shit at times but we have invested so much time in him with his injuries i think he is worth one more year

  22. Shafie says:

    Sell him and get van der vaat as replacement or do player plus cash swap for Subotic.

  23. Kevin says:

    Rosicky is not rubbish! What an silly comment, the guys final ball is quality and MAN DOES HE TRACK BACK WHEN HE NEEDS TO, you cannot sacrifice his experience. The bloke could be captain if more key players are missing. NO DOUBT ONE OF MY FAVOURITE PLAYER. Not his fault he is injured

  24. rosicky says:

    rosicky is as good as van der vaart,
    he is not playing in his position, if cesc leaves he would have a chance to prove his awesome football in the crack position
    for me he is playing far better than nasri in the last part of the season. even not being fully fit

  25. Hernan says:

    He’s great. I surely think we should keep him. He has been doing more than Nasri and Arshavin for sure, and next season he will be better because he will have a real pre-season.

    Best midfielder after Cesc for sure.

  26. Dave says:

    Fact is he’s fans best matecamd wenger wants to keep fab sweet, same goes for denilson he’s there to babysit Wellington silva when he arrives trust me!

  27. Johan says:

    He’s definitly past his prime but he’s had some really good games this season. Maybe not games in which he’s made 3 assists, scored a 120m/h long shot goal with his titanium leg and bitch slapped the referee but good games none the less. The man has an experienced and proven footballing brain and skills, he’s never overexpressed himself to the media, and he loves playing for the Arsenal. Rosicky is my man, he’ll keep that number 7 jersey warm until Wilshere can make the step.

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  29. anibal says:

    it would be foolish to sell him because he happens to be fabregas best mate at the club!!!!!!!! and we need to keep fabregas happy. alos rosicky is quality and has experiance!!!

  30. miguel says:

    he must stay!
    he is pure czech class,
    i hope that he´d recover his amazing shot
    he is doing much more than nasri anyway

  31. jim says:

    Sell him. He wasnt injured for 18 months, he was in rehab

  32. Kc says:

    Rosicky when fit, is pure class. The sight of him playing the triumpvate of Fab and Hleb, was mind boggling. However, he has been unlucky with injury. I think, unfortunately he has past his best, condideing his age and various injury sustained. Wilshere will be a good replacement, especially if we change our tactics with Chamakh coming in. We need a good crosser of ball for Chamakh, and, Wilshere cuts it there.
    This summer will be interesting for all clubs with the new squad rules in place. Most clubs willnot be able to buy; I think we will see alot of last minute deals, as buying clubs willwant to drive the price down.

  33. Soma says:


  34. gary says:

    Edin hazard please!!!

  35. alex says:

    Selling Rosicky? What are yooy people insane? He works harder than Nasri, he is quicker and better with and witout the ball… He was injured the lst 2 seasons, and you people are way to inpatient to wait for him to recover to full match fitness and be back to his best, where we all agree that he is a great asset for the club. I would play Rosicky in the middle along side Cesc instead of Diaby and Denilson. Besides, you all remember van Persies injuri last season, he came back and was highly inefficual and wasteful with his finishing. But I’m sure you guys are glad we didn’t sell him just because he was off form after a long injury. So give the czech a chance to win his stature back. Besides, he is a very good friend of cesc, and he alredy lost Hleb and Flamini, who he also w as close to… DO NOT SELL ROSICKY!!!!

  36. fahadhinho says:

    guys b serious if we sell big players eveyy when will we get the experience we are lacking. wenger sell silvestre,almunia,fabianski,eduardo,and if possible sagna for melo.

  37. Prak Rosicky says:

    Sell Tomas Rosicky? You’re such a crazy chimp. He’s a world-class player, If not for his injury, he would’ve equalled the likes of Lampard, Gerrard etc. Besides, sellin’ Rosicky means Bye Bye Fabregas and, with these two out, we’ll be fighting for relegation next season. :X

  38. Prak Rosicky says:

    Sell Tomas Rosicky? You’re such a chimp!! He’s a world-class player, If not for his injury, he would’ve equalled the likes of Lampard, Gerrard etc. Besides, sellin’ Rosicky means Bye Bye Fabregas and, with these two out, we’ll be fighting for relegation next season. :X

  39. Goonerbloke says:

    Thomas will come good, he’s starting to now, selling him would be a mistake. He’s had a lot of injury problems, but as someone said above me, a proper pre season and he’ll be back at the top. He’ll probably start scoring again too – if thats your issue.

  40. Sandman says:

    Where can you get a world Class player who was top 50 in the world before his injury for 8M or even 10M? Where can you buy a player for that much with Champions league experience in the big games? Where can you buy a player for that much who starred in a world cup and is still under 30 for that much?

    If you watched the games closely, he rarely loses the ball and can cut open a defense IN THE TIGHT GAMES (not hull city in the 80th minute).

    Now if he plays next season his shot is only going to get better (like it was in his last world cup), hit fitness going to improve, his confidence get big, etc

    Who gets a player fit from injury (it’s a 4 month process which non-soccer people will never understand) and then dish that person off as his best is about to come?

    Let him have a good year next year and then sell him for more.

  41. Reece says:

    If Bvb want him well we can include him in a deal involving Subtonic

  42. VRH says:

    There is no need to sell rosicky . He is a good player . He deserves jersey no 7 . He should be in the first team squad for arsenal…

  43. SiMamu says:

    Rosicky is awesome. In January he was playing great then didnt get much game time and if u guys knew anything ud kow that against hull, the game b4 barca, he got an injury where there were visible stud marks and still played injured in these least few matches. During re-season we will need him bcoz players will be resting after the world cup and the only reason czech republic didnt qualify was because he wasnt there to make the passes for baros to finish. hes not naturally a winger but will play their anyway so that the team still has some defensive qualities in midfield even though diaby and denilson have been crap. he always put his best in unlike arshavin. he can put a better cross in than nasri and arshavin for chamkh to finish(like against liverpool) and during pre-season will hopefully be able to re gain form.

  44. Rami says:

    I agree with many of the past comments.Rosicky should get the extra season and endure a pre season training which wil not only improve him but will make him stronger, fitter,faster and hopefully allow him to score more. He has worked hard for us and i don’t see why we are turning against him. Imagine you got an injury for 2 years, imagine the confidence loss and the actual ability to perform, he had to start from scratch. ROSICKY should stay and next year i hope and i pray that wenger will acknowledge that he mad a mistake buying rosicky as a winger even thought before his injury he was world class. but he bought an amazing playmaker, someone who can open a defence control the tempo of the game etc lcm definetly next year with fabregas on rcm and song dmf. And btw he managed to be injury free since his hamstring snapped till blackburn were he song and clichy had simple anckle problems. GUYs WE can’t give him up and we CANY GIVE UP ON HIM. HE WILL GIVEE 100% next year and he will improve and get back to full fitnees. AS ARSENAL FANS WE SHPOULD APPRECIATE WHAT THE GOONERS HAVE DONE FOR US, NOT TURN AGAINST THEM. ROSICKY=LCM season 2010/2011 hopefullly

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