Shorts: Capello To Look At Sol Campbell, Craig Bellamy To Spurs, Lampard Fears World Cup Penalty Shoot-Out

Ollie Irish

6th, May 2010

By Ollie Irish


Fabio Capello will give the title race a miss and instead check out Sol Campbell‘s form at the Emirates Stadium on the last day of the season, as Arsenal host Fulham. The England gaffer will also check on Theo Walcott’s fitness and take another look at Fulham striker Bobby Zamora. [Guardian]

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According to Arry Redknapp, Spurs wanted to sign Craig Bellamy but were bullied out of the deal by Man City. However, after last night’s game at Eastlands, Bellamy went over to Redknapp and shook his hand enthusiastically, grinning rather too much for a man whose team had just missed out on a spot in the Champions League. Conclusion: Bellamy, who is no fan of Roberto Mancini, will leave Eastlands for White Hart Lane this summer.

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Frank Lampard fears another England penalty shoot-out at the World Cup.

“I think it has become a bit of an issue in the mind,” Lampard told GQ Sport.

“No matter how well we have played in a match, when it comes down to penalties, you think: ‘Oh shit, here we go again’.

“Once you’ve got that mindset, it is hard to get out of it.

“That’s why the Germans are so good at it. They get to penalties and they have a confidence, an arrogance I suppose that they are going to win.

“England need more of that self-belief.”

Yes, we do. A lot more.