Cesc Fabregas Tells Arsene Wenger He Wants To Leave Arsenal For Barcelona

Ollie Irish

18th, May 2010


By Herman Miller

It’s happened. Cesc has finally collapsed under the sheer weight of rumours and whispers, and – according to Sky and the Guardian, to name two sources – has told Arsene Wenger he wants to join Barcelona before the start of World Cup next month. For their part, Barcelona are ready to welcome home the prodigal son with open arms and a truckload of cash.

Arsenal fans knew this day was coming, but I know they would have liked a couple more seasons from Cesc before he returned home. As a Spurs fan though, right now I’m splashing about in a paddling pool filled with champagne and schadenfreude.

* * * * *

David Villa is also on his way to the Camp Nou, with the Beeb reporting that a deal has almost been finalised.