Rafa Benitez Set To Open Talks With Inter Milan

Chris Wright

7th, June 2010


By Chris Wright

Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez is, shock of all shocks, poised to open talks with Champions League winners Inter Milan in the ‘next few days’ over becoming Jose Mourinho‘s successor at the helm of the Italian giants.

Inter’s managerial post was freed up a couple of weeks ago when the Portuguese coach, who also won the Italian league and cup with the Nerazzurri last season, officially left to try his hand at Real Madrid.

Speaking in an interview with Il Corriere Dello Sport, Inter president Massimo Moratti said;

“That is the direction [pursuing Benitez] and in the next few days we will see and decide. I can only speak highly about him because he is excellent.

I know he has beaten Mourinho five times [the 2005 and 2007 Champions League semi-finals, the 2006 FA Cup semi-final and Community Shield and a 2007 Premier League tie]. It is a sign that he is well prepared, works hard and wins important games.

It is also important that he has always done well in Europe. Doing well in the Champions League continues to be one of our objectives.”

There are already rumours abound of the various Liverpool players that will be invited to rejoin their former manager at Inter, with both Javier Mascherano and Dirk Kuyt being linked with prospective moves to the San Siro.

Meanwhile, it would appear that one of the possible candidates for the Liverpool job, Guus Hiddink, has catergorically ruled himself out of the running.

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  1. Ollie says:

    This IS a shock.

  2. Philando Torres says:

    Kuyt will probably go (Inter fans will be made up), Mascherano might (hope he doesn’t) and Benitez will fucking love Serie A. The tactical, cautious natural game of Italy will give him such a fucking hard on that when he gets kidney stones again, he’ll be able to use his cock as a a makeshift AK47.

  3. James says:

    Is it really, Ollie? Remember, this is the same manager who made Liverpool the most feared team in the Champions League, won 2 titles with Valencia in 3 years and also the UEFA Cup. And with the exception of last season, did quite well with Liverpool considering he’d spent only 68 million net in his 6 years at the club.

  4. Philando Torres says:

    Fuck off James.

  5. James says:

    Expected comment, Philando. Stop swallowing the English media crap. Benitez is a quality manager.

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