Is Joe Cole Going To Arsenal Or Tottenham?

Ollie Irish

9th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish

So Joe Cole has been booted out of Chelsea (along with Michael Ballack). Carlo Ancelotti just didn’t fancy him.

From everything I’ve heard, it looks like a straight fight between Arsenal and Tottenham to sign Cole before the start of next season, with Man City and Man Utd also interested parties – though I understand Cole would like to remain in London. As such, there’s a very slim chance Messrs Sullivan and Gold will tempt him back to the Boleyn.

As a Spurs fan, I’d love to have Cole in our squad, as long as we don’t have to shell out more than £80k a week for the privilege. He’s looked sharp for England in South Africa and at 28 he should have several more good years left in him. Also, he just doesn’t seem like a typical Wenger signing (too old and expensive), but then I never thought Arsene would have re-signed Sol Campbell, so who knows.

Where do you think Joe will end up? I reckon Arry Redknapp will persuade him to move to the Lane, because that’s what Arry is very good at.

You may disagree, in which case vote below or leave a fat comment…

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  1. Ollie says:

    Proof once again that Gooners are more web literate. Come on you Spurs, get voting!

  2. andy wilson says:

    in my opinion i think joe cole will be at arsenal next season,i find it hard 2 believe he would pick spurs over arsenal,and afterall harry has said he doesn’t think he will get cole anyway,and though i may upset spurs fans arsenal is a more prestigious club by all for the wages i think your estimate at 80k a week is bang on! however he left chelsea because he was demanding 120k a week,as we all know arsenal or spurs will not pay that,but arsene wenger does offer big signing on fees which i think will probably be what happens with joe cole.but saying all this it isnt going to happen before the world cup so should joe play well in south africa i think a few more teams may show some interest. cheers

  3. Nick says:

    Have you not seen the interview with ‘Arry about 2 weeks ago where he said that he wuold not be signing Joe Cole as he had signed elsewhere. He’s not going to Spurs. End of

  4. ianthegooner says:

    you know wat im an arsenal fan and taking my red specs off i actually think joe would be suited to spurs they have made good progress under old twicher and finally we can have a rivalry again any way put club footie on the back burner and get behind ENGLAND who cares who you support now!!!! WE ARE ALL ENGLISH C,ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hollis says:

    Love to see him back at West Ham, unfortunately the Davids haven’t made any fuss over a possible move.

  6. Flying Dutchman says:

    I’ve seen some reports around stating he’s agreed a deal with the gunners subject to a medical after the world cup. I really hope its true. At first i thought utd or spurs had the best chances of wrapping him up but it seems to be arsenal if one were to go with popular belief as portrayed by the press.

  7. Sonny says:

    Joe cole was born in islington and he and his whole family are mad gooners. And also i know from an insider 100% he has had a medical at arsenal. Dont think he will be playing for the scum

  8. Mr. Angry says:


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