LIVE NOW! Champions League group stage draw

Ollie Irish

30th, August 2007


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Hello one and all and welcome to Pies’ live blog of the draw for the group stages of the 2007/08 Champions League, from Monaco.
In other news, Sky Sports News has just announced that David Dein has sold his remaining stake in Arsenal, to a Russian billionaire. Ooh! Nothing much happening in Monaco yet, but don’t forget to refresh this page for updates…
Okay, great time for our publishing platform to go down, but it’s back up just in time. Nothing else has happened in Monaco, save for an explanation of the draw. Yawn. Get on with it UEFA…
And we’re off…
First club drawn is AC Milan, the holders. They go in Group D.
Second club drawn is Arsenal, competing in the CL for the 10th consecutive season. They go into Group H.
Third out of the pot is Man Utd, winners in and 1968 and 1999. They are drawn in Group F.
Next up from the pot of top seeds is Barcelona, my tip for the title. Barca go into Group E.
Real Madrid are next out. Nine times they’ve won this thing. Greedy buggers. They go into Group C. Quickly followed by Inter Milan, who go into Group G.
Now come Liverpool, beaten finalists last season. The Scousers end up in Group A. Finally from the top seeds… Chelsea, who are put in Group B. That concludes part one of the draw. Exciting, huh!
Oh dear, in between each part of the draw, we have some useless UEFA awards for the best players from last season’s CL (Petr Cech won best keeper earlier on). Tintin’s dad, Ronald Koeman, has been wheeled out to present the award for best defender. They’re announcing the nominations now…
And the award goes to… envelope being opened… Paolo Maldini, AC Milan’s phenomenal skipper. Had to be really. Maldini is speaking Italian now (funny that). He’s dressed all in black and his hair looks very slick.
So, back to the draw, and now we’re about to have the teams from the second tier of seeds drawn, aka Pot Two. Maldini is pulling out the balls…
First team out is PSV Eindhoven, who can go in any group. The group they go in is… Group G, containing Inter Milan as top seeds. Second out is Valencia. No top team will want to draw them. Valencia are placed in Group B, with Chelsea. Not great for Jose Mourinho.
Next, Werder Bremen. The Germans go into Group C, alongside Real Madrid.
Sevilla or AEK Athens (who haven’t played due to the death of Antonio Puerta) then are drawn in Group H, with Arsenal. The Gooners won’t fancy facing Sevilla, if the Spaniards can get through.
Lyon up now. The French team goes into Group E, with Barcelona. Tasty, very tasty.
Benfica, who could land Groups A, D or F. They get… drum roll please… Group D, which is AC Milan’s group. A little smile from Maldini.
AS Roma now. They will end up with an English team, either Man Utd or Liverpool. They go into Group F, which is Man Utd’s group. A replay of last year’s knockout tie, when Man

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  1. Louwrens says:

    gattusso was robbed!

  2. dp says:

    If this doesn’t go to Kaka, something is seriously wrong with the world.

  3. Marek says:

    Why would liverpool be happy to get porto? are you drunk already?

  4. dp says:

    All is right with the world…except for Iraq

  5. dp says:

    @Marek: Because we’ve won it five times, we’ve won it fiiive tiiiiiimes

  6. Louwrens says:

    and possibly darfur, some would argue

  7. Barty Keane says:

    Kaka is sooo over-rated it’s unreal. He would struggle to find a place at Chelsea this season. What has he ever done?

  8. dp says:

    He created Inzaghi’s second in the final last year…though, to be fair, that was only after Mascherano was taken off–he marked him clear out of the game for 85 minutes.

  9. Sanjay says:

    About time somebody spoke the truth. Kaka is consistenly marked out of games when not playing a team from the inferior league that is Italian football. What’s more, his hair is silly and his name is rubbish.
    I prefer Iain Dowie…

  10. dp says:

    @Louwrens: of course, that is, if anyone were paying attention

  11. Louwrens says:

    and won the free kick for the first goal… and single-handedly annhialated man u (ok to be fair gattusso’s defence helped). he would struggle at chelsea.. cause they play boring football and wont be able to accomodate a free, creative midfield genius with flair

  12. Louwrens says:

    @ dp: yes, that would be great

  13. andrew says:

    wow … group E is gonna be a good one. you’ve got the french champions, the german champions, and the second place spanish and scottish teams.

  14. ze says:

    if kaka, ronaldinho and c.ronaldo ar soooo overrated, who the fuck is good then ?

  15. Grainy says:

    “with the champions of Spain, France and Germany. Painful”
    Sorry for being such a pedantic sod, but Barca came second remember.

  16. Murfmensch says:

    This is a mostly British and Irish site and those leagues use goal difference instead of head-to-head.
    This means La Liga fans in Britain (and the US) should view Barca as the winner. Ollie Irish is just unusually perceptive, once again.