Whistle Blower: Which Premier League Player Got His Wife’s Sister Pregnant?

Ollie Irish

1st, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Pies understands that for one Premier League player, a very big stream of shit is about to hit a very big fan. It will get messy. Very messy. More messy than Lionel Messi’s teenage bedroom.

The dirt: Said player is alleged to have got his wife’s sister pregnant (yikes!), but only an extended gagging order in the courts is preventing the story getting out. The tabloids will have their day soon enough though…

* * * * *

In entirely unrelated news, reports are emerging from the England camp that there was no love lost between John Terry and Steven Gerrard in South Africa.

A ‘source’ quoted in the Sun said: “There was a lot of tension between Stevie G and JT.”

Hmm, wonder why?

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  1. Mike says:

    It’s Stevie G!!! Dirty old man.

  2. Bawly says:

    No love lost? surprise surprise. JT is a twat, speaking out against the team in the middle of a world cup. Good move. He wasn’t right since they took the armband from him………… and he fooked his family life up. Jealousy Maybe? Not sure but he is ‘top boy’ at Chels and doesn’t like being the tag along any where else. The ego is getting bigger.

  3. Beeja says:

    Can’t be Stevie G, his missus has only got brothers (but why let that fact get in the way of spreading another unfounded rumor). As the for the JT vs Stevie G World Cup stuff, I’ll second Bawly’s point.

  4. Mike says:

    John Terry was right if this is true. The press crap about what he did was completely made up. He didnt speak against the team, he spoke against the sub standard manager England have. He deserves to be the captain.
    Tottenham Fan.

  5. yuan says:

    John Terry is an idiot and bastard in making by his bloody hell mother! Fuck you Bastard John Terry!

  6. kah hoe says:

    John Terry, you really an idiot and bastard! dont act as big brother or captain! you are demoted already! bear in your stupid mind! go and see doctor!

  7. torres! says:

    You terry, fuck you! please respect my mate stevie! if you do something that hurt him, i will castrate you until you cant fuck wayne bridge’s girlfriend! Idiot!

  8. Steve says:

    I don’t think she even has a sister!

  9. Craig says:

    It’s Gerrard. My mate’s a journo and he told me there is a gagging order on this story to stop it being released so soon.

  10. taffy says:

    Its his wifes niece not sister!

  11. Nick SIncere says:

    Q: What’s the best thing about having sex with 20 4 year olds?
    A: There’s twenty of them!
    (Works better when spoken aloud)

  12. Gossip Queen says:

    Oh there is so much more to the England camp than the story about Steve G’s wife’s niece (not Terry btw!), Rooney was playing with a double hernia hence he couldn’t play to his normal standard, Terry was pissed that Steve G got to keep his armband (like he has any moral fibre!)
    Steve G has also bought the silence of 2 16 year olds to date! Becks was fit to play and prevented due to the FA/PR exercise for the 2018 bid, there are 2 camps in the team, pro Terry (all the chavs!) and pro Gerrard (Lampard, Becks and co) – all is currently under a high court gag courtesy of the team having still been in the running until last week…watch the red tops over the next 2 weeks!!!! :-D

  13. Ben says:

    I heard rumors about this about a month before the WC. Apparently Stevie G has’nt been living with his wife for a while.

  14. LOL's says:

    It’s a shame Alex Curran hasnt even got a sister to kick off the rumour isnt it… sad bluesh*te

  15. why do english men fancy pussy more than there work from a cole = j terry = deffoe and now s gerrard what a fuck

  16. JBG says:

    “he spoke against the sub standard manager England have. He deserves to be the captain.
    Tottenham Fan.”

    Capello being labelled as a sub standard manager. Only on here.. lol

    Oh dear Oh dear.

  17. Gibby says:

    Gossip Queen is spot on. The other rumour is Gerrards misses has been schlepping about with Chris Commons of Derby whilst Gerrards been seeing the 15/16 yr old. Not the 1st time for her either. Hoose is up for sale and only a matter of time before hitting News of the Screws. Apparently Beckham had to seperate JT & Gerrard in changing room after JT moaned that after all the SG shite he still gets to be captain………….. what JT forgets is he was feckin lucky to be on the plane in the 1st place. Football scheme boys + cash = Jeremy Kyle !!! ………. even read that Rooney is now on holiday in the bahamas at his new £5million mansion ….. he’s only 24 and got a holiday home of this value, but he’s in touch with the working man ….F**K off. RANT OVER

  18. TJ says:

    It’s old news around the Derby forums that Commons was nailing Gerrard’s Mrs.

    I heard the rumour about SG getting some 16 year old up the duff a month or so before the world Cup…can only be a matter of time before it’s in the press

    Real Madrid anyone…?

  19. cummer says:

    i want to fuck you until i come all over your soft tits and sweet pussy

  20. Steve Wolfmanc says:

    Steve Gerrard is the rumour of the last week or more,but who else is over sexed & has no scruples about who they hurt/use in the recent England set up,is it really now down to the Terry Boys versus the Gerry Boys ? i had also heard about Rooney’s hernia rumours.
    Bring back the Cat (not Peter Bonetti),for all those Prima-donnas,hang ’em from the goalposts or something,lol

  21. Pete says:

    just finished work experience at sky and can guarantee it’s stevie g
    even photo evidence

  22. Mike says:

    First the hookers, now Rooney has got Coleen’s retard sister pregnant? He must be dumber than he looks (and looks pretty f**kin stupid)

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