Everton Lose Dan Gosling For Nothing After Admin Error

By Chris Wright

Everton had to stand by and watch as highly-rated youngster Dan Gosling walked out of the club last night, after the Premier League ruled that he was free to leave following an administrative error on the club’s part which left him contract-less.

Chairman Bill Kenwright made verbal offers to Gosling without putting anything in writing before the May deadline, therefore the England U21 starlet argued that he could leave when his contract at Goodison ran out, as the club had failed to put a new offer in writing.

It is thought that the versatile 20-year-old, who can play in defence and midfield, would have netted the Toffees around £4 million at a tribunal should he have chosen to leave (and if Kenwright had submitted an offer), but he will now  move on for nothing.

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  1. Ollie says:


  2. Matt says:

    What a fuck up. Inexcusable

  3. Evertom says:

    What a coniving C*nt.
    Good riddance i say, was never that taken by him anyway.
    Thanks for the derby goal, but the club doesn’t want pr!cks like that.
    He needs to cross the park if he wants to get involved in self promotion or legal loop holes.
    Once again Kenwright has proved he is an old school honest chairman, If a player cannot accept the word and handshake of his chairman, what does that say about the man? He is obviously at the wrong club.
    F*ck off back to Plymouth, you greedy b*stard.

  4. Paul D says:

    It’s a lie, he has a year left on his contract (http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/everton-fc/everton-fc-news/2009/05/27/everton-fc-latest-dan-gosling-agrees-two-year-contract-extension-92534-23720862/) . Why would anyone sign him when he’s gonna be injured until Christmas. And to be honest, it’s not as if he’e Pienaar or Arteta!!! Would he be missed?
    Pure tabloid nonsense…

  5. Colonel Bogey says:

    Thick as pig shit again. How many times can our board mess up? Evertom, a player can’t just agree a contract off a verbal agreement. Its bullshit and Kenwright should have known that. What a joke this club is. We’re absolutely skint and first of all we bring a terrible bright pink lit out and now we’ve just thrown about £4 million down the drain. Old school honest chairman, my arse!!! The blokes an idiot. Good luck wherever you decide to go Dan, you certainly gave me one my greatest memories.

  6. Evertom says:

    What are you on Colonel Bogey?
    He’d be quick enough to knock down the door and get the new contract signed if our camp Bill had offerred to double his pay in a chance meeting at the urinal.
    Gosling has let it slip for his personal financial gain. In my game people make sure they have a current and valid contract and we make noises if its about to run out, plus all negotiations are verbal. That is what an honest player would have done.
    How many times can our board mess up?
    That’s unfair, it’s one of the best run clubs in the country, we’re not massively in debt, we don’t bank on a european place for our turnover, we have a great manager and we are owned by a great supporter of the club. You can’t ask for much more than that.
    Look across the park for badly run clubs.
    PS – My daughter loves the new pink shirt.

  7. Zedie says:

    @ Evertom – if my employers couldnt even be bothered to offer me a contract especially seeing as im supposed to be a highly rated member of the squad, i’d feel just a touch undervalued too.

    If this was Arteta / Cahill etc, Kenwright would have been camped out on their door step itching to get it in writing.

    Football cant be run on the Scarface “all i have in this world is my balls and my word” philosophy, there is millions (in this case £4m) involved.

    Im sure theres space for young Gosling at the Emirates!!

    Epic fail!!

  8. Evertom says:

    Look chaps, we are missing the point a little here.
    Yes, of course the administration has f*cked up by letting the date slip and Yes, ultimately it is Bill Kenwrights fault as chairman (though i doubt he is the one walking around with the clip board and pen).
    But, Gosling has orchestrated his position. Why not remind the girl in reception that he has not had his contract in the post? Or maybe mention to the masses of training staff he works with EVERY day, that it has not come through yet? If he was acting honourably and wanted to stay he would have at least fu*king mentioned it to SOMEONE???

    No, he decided to keep quiet, let the day pass and then he can be quids in as he’s on a Bosman (a la Steve MacMannaman). So in my book, he’s a shyster!
    Don’t look at him in a ‘nice one mate, you got away with that!’ This is our club that he has tricked and I for one, don’t want that type of person at it.
    No matter how good or bad they are (by the way I don’t rate him much anyways).
    My original comment stands “Fu*k Off back to Plymouth, you greedy c*nt!”

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