Jimmy Bullard’s Celtic Move Collapses

Chris Wright

12th, July 2010

By Chris Wright

Hull City midfielder Jimmy Bullard‘s proposed move to Celtic looks to have fallen through, according to the club’s chairman (or ‘head of football operations’ to give him his official title) Adam Pearson.

The two sides reached an agreement over a twelve-month loan deal just four weeks ago, but a dispute over Bullard’s personal terms has left the move hanging in the balance – and Pearson is not best pleased by the latest developments;

“The deal is off as far as we are concerned, because of absolutely ridiculous financial demands being made by the player. We have bent over backwards to try to make this happen and a month ago there was an agreement with Celtic in place over a one-year loan.

But now it seems Jimmy wants extra cash on top as well and he has jeopardised the chance to play for a great club. Who would not want to play at Celtic, with a chance of European football and silverware?”

Pearson then went on to pour scorn on Bullard’s late decision to pull out of the agreement, accusing him of ‘stringing people along’;

“Hull City were prepared to subsidise a year in Glasgow for Bullard. Let’s just say we would have made a significant contribution to the overall wage package.

But unless he has a dramatic change of heart overnight, we expect him back here rather than being in the United States [on a pre-season tour] with Celtic.

He has had four weeks to make up his mind and has strung people along, frankly.”

The news come as a sizeable blow to the Tiger’s, who are desperate to alleviate Bullard’s considerable wages from their outgoings since being relegated to the Championship.