Noel Gallagher: ‘Man City’s Transfer Plans Have Blown My Mind’

Chris Wright

13th, July 2010


By Chris Wright

Former Oasis star and greying haystack Noel Gallagher has revealed that he has seen Manchester City’s summer transfer plans, and that the targets outlined therein ‘blew his mind’.

Gallagher claimed to have caught a glimpse of his beloved club’s list of targets during a lunch with City chief exec Gary Cook;

“I just had a big, long lunch with Garry [Cook] and the revelations you lot are going to hear in the next month are going to blow your mind – but I can’t say anything.

Players coming and going, and where they are going to and where they are coming from.”

Whilst the veteran rocker was prepared to admit that Lionel Messi and Crisitano Ronaldo weren’t on the agenda, he apparently remained schtum once Liverpool striker Fernando Torres‘ name was brought up – make of that what you will;

“Garry was writing out these names on a napkin, about who was going to be in the squad. Put it down on paper, and the 24-man squad we will have will be looking to win everything next season.

That’s not being big-headed and saying we are going to win everything, but we have to go into it thinking ‘Who is better than us in the league?’

Chelsea have more experience and United have more in Alex Ferguson, but other than that I am looking at the names there and being blown away, thinking that we are rightly third favourites to win the league.”

He could well be right.

(via the Manchester Evening News)

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  1. PhilandoTorres says:

    I’d happy for Torres to leave us for the likes of Barca. Citeh and Chelski? No fucking way.

    He’s said in the past that Liverpool is his English club and that he wouldn’t play for another PL team. I’m happy to take him on his word.

    As for Citeh – doesn’t matter who they get in terms of players because Mancini is still the manager. The man-management required to handle a squad of £20 mil-plus players in every position is currently only possessed by Mourinho, and he’s busy elsewhere.

    In the interests of bitterness I hope Citeh’s grand plan comes crashing down round their ears.

    Overly long comment? Abs-a-fucking-lutely.

  2. Ollie says:

    Forlan, I bet. Ozil too maybe

  3. M4RN says:

    The mere fact that Garry Cook is having lunch with Noel from Oasis illustrates how much of a circus show Manchester City are. “Gary Cook wrote the targets on a napkin” are you kidding me?! What a bunch of muppets. I admit they may go on to win things but they will never be up there with the likes of United and Liverpool for their rich history. The only players who want to join City are mostly merceneries such as Adebayor, Toure Brothers and Tevez or simply going to pick up their final massive pay packets during their twightlight years such as Viera. I was surprised City managed to get Silva though but I believe this was only due to the fact that no one was bid for him even though he was screaming for chelsea and United to buy him only 4-5 days before.

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  5. bayou says:

    Man City’s plans will backfire. They always do in these cases.

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  7. Ted Balls says:

    Though of course, transfer plans and actual transfers are worlds apart. Much like spending £200m on new players and actually winning anything with them.

  8. Stan says:

    Robinho,Bellamy are not good enough,then who is, Silva. You can only play 11 at a time mate. This lot got rid of elano who looked the part in the WC. Money dont buy happiness, ask Roman.

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  10. Connor says:

    Just because City haven’t won anything recently doesn’t make them a club with no history. Sure we don’t have the trophy cabinets other clubs do, but to say we’ve done nothing is ignorant

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  12. jason says:

    why do people say citeh have no history, i think people should watch theres only one jimmy grimble. all those actors on the previous cesspool of maine road…thats there history.. robert carlyle… what more do they need.

  13. Kika says:

    Hey, he’s not wrong at all. Citeh are doing good at the moment, but I still feel they will never hit the big time again (the Stretford End “clock” will still be ticking at the end of the season).
    They don’t look like a real team and will probably crash out of the title race before spring

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