Man City Want To Sign Fernando Torres – But How Much Is He Worth Now?

Ollie Irish

26th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Either Fernando Torres stays at Liverpool this season or he goes to Man City. Those are the only two options he has, as far as I can see. He’s not fully fit, he was crap at the World Cup, he’s notoriously fragile… who else but City have the funds to take a chance on him?

Today, Roberto Mancini admitted his interest in Torres (with his bosses, Mancini is interested in everybody):

“Torres is one of the best strikers in Europe and is already playing in the Premier League for three years and knows it very well. But it depends on his situation, his price and whether he wants to come,” City’s boss said.

In terms of personal upheaval, Torres and his family would not be perturbed by a move to City. They probably wouldn’t have to move at all. And if, as Roy Hodgson claims, Torres still has a ‘beef’ with Liverpool, you wouldn’t blame the Spaniard for jumping ship – he’d be going from a patched-up dinghy to a luxury yacht, after all.

The sticking point lies in Nando’s current market value. Liverpool value him at around £50-60m (a fit Torres is worth this), City might be prepared to go as high as £40-45m for a 26-year-old striker who should not be written off.

Anyway, watch this space.

How much do you think Torres is worth? And what do you make of Mancini’s quotes?

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  1. PhilandoTorres says:

    He only managed 32 games last season (a few as sub) and yet he still managed to score 22 goals.

    I reckon he’ll stay for at least another season. I reckon he might benefit from a new medical team at Liverpool. Despite looking like a giant frog with radiation poisoning, Peter Bruckner is reputed to be one of the world’s best when it comes to sports injuries.

    If we make enough progress in the coming season and it becomes feasible that we can win the league a year or two down the line, he’ll stay.

    After all, he’s only ever won stuff with his country. Which is amazing, when you think about it.

    But, like I’ve said on here before, I’ll be fine with him leaving to pursue success elsewhere, as long it’s not another English club.

  2. Phil says:

    I’d agree completely. It’s about time that other teams realised that Liverpool is not, as most of the press would like to think, dead and buried. Last year was awful, but the team was essentially the same team that finished second the year before. If other teams want to try to sign our players, they need to realise that we don’t want to sell, we don’t need to sell, and if anyone is sold (either Mascherano or Torres particularly) then the price is going to be very high. I would take no less than £35M for Mascherano, £75M for Torres. if other teams don’t think that is fair value, TOUGH, buy someone else!

  3. Robbler says:

    I don’t know about progress this season giving hope to win the league – progress would be top four and without Torres there’s no chance of that. Torres is as mercenary as any/all imports – the nonsense about him loving the club etc is just the usual hype.The Rafa ‘saga’ just gives him a ready made excuse to leave, a simple two line statement could have ended this speculation weeks ago but it suits Torres to wait & see his options (even though he signed an improved deal just last year) There is no doubting his quality when fit but equally there is no doubting the ‘love’ he professes for Liverpool is cheap talk that the gullible buy into.

  4. Mick says:

    Torres would never join City. He left Atletico to join Liverpool at lower wages to win trophies. He’ll leave Liverpool to win trophies. City need to imrpove a lot before they can attract someone like Torres.

  5. It's Grim Oop North says:

    He’s a risk with regard to his health, but what a player!
    The facilities at City are rampinmg up to be the very best in all departments, so he can rest assured he’ll be getting the finest medical treatment money can buy, and if it’s silverware he wants, then surely any neutral can see City are the club to watch in the next decade and beyond?
    Of course hardly anyone is neutral who follows football, so let the squabbling begin!
    Oh, to answer the question posed by the author, he’s worth exactly what someone’s prepared to pay for him, not a penny more or less. (You can have that pearl of wisdom for free).

  6. ah li says:

    a very fragile player! sell him asap!

  7. mizman says:

    more than 60 million?? absoloute joke

  8. Donner Meat says:

    I can see him sticking around until January, then leaving to City. We really need to adjust to the fact that we are not a champions league level club, and wont be for some time now. Torres is just too good for Liverpool.

    But Mascherano. Sell that overated gobshite asap.

  9. Anonymous says:


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