Juventus Ultras Promise Mauro Camoranesi ‘A Year Of Hell’ For Wanting To Stay At The Club

Chris Wright

28th, July 2010


By Chris Wright

According to reports in Football Italia, Juventus ‘ultras’ (i.e. the hard-line, bordering on hooligan, faction of the club’s supporters) have threatened to make the next year of Juve midfielder Mauro Camoranesi‘s life a living hell if he decides to stay at the club.

Juventus are currently trying to raise money to fund their foray into next year’s Champions League and the club’s board have targeted Camoranesi, who only has a year remaining on his contract, as a player they would be potentially willing to cash in on.

However, the Italian international midfielder has publicly told the club that he wishes to stay next season as his young children are now firmly settled in Turin due to their father having spent the best part of eight years playing in the city.

This news has not gone down well with the Juve ultras, who unveiled a banner at the Bianconeri’s training complex which read;

“We will make those players who have to leave, but want to stay, go through a year of hell.”

I mean honestly. How very dare a man stay at a club he clearly loves, especially for the sake of the well-being of his young family?

What some of these ultra pigs do in the name of a football club is downright disgusting.

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  1. biff says:


  2. juancullo says:

    thats italian football for you. these “ultras” run the clubs in italy.

  3. Belgrade original style says:

    What a bunch of wallies.

  4. Montesquieu says:

    They’re not exactly the brightest elements of society…

  5. Ty says:

    Fucking idiots, must be the same guys that make those monkey chants when a chocolate face comes into town.

  6. Pete says:

    @Ty: Even if he’s Italian (Balotelli). Bellends!

  7. agiamba says:

    Directed at player with large contracts that don’t deserve them. Amauri, Felipe Melo, Zebina, Grosso.

    Also, none of the Ultras have ever made any specific references to Camoranesi, Football Italia linked the two but there’s no actual connection. Do a little simple investigation before publishing such nonsense.

  8. Hootie says:

    Brilliant point, agiamba. Since the sign can’t be definitively linked to Camoranesi, it makes it all better. Amauri, Felipe Melo, et al clearly deserve a year of hell for choosing to continue with the team the signed them to contracts.

  9. FredWest says:

    Hootie – Brilliant!

  10. spectator says:

    is it me or do italian clubs have a knack for pettiness? like when ahn jan yuan’s (spelling?) italian club sacked him for scoring the golden goal against italy in 02. wankers.

  11. Stephane Gerard says:

    This is Italy after all.

    No one blinked when Lazio fans booed their OWN team for not throwing a game (except for Kolarov who called the fans ‘diseased’).

    Throwing a game or booing a player for staying: its how italian football rolls.

    >is it me or do italian clubs have a knack for pettiness?

    Not the clubs, the whole nation.

  12. Cassious says:

    you fuckin cocksucking “ultras”

  13. Juve says:

    pretty much like you pathetic waste of space gutless cowards in england booing pretty boy beckham when he got sent off in world cup 1998

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