Tottenham Target Three Cheap Loan Signings

Ollie Irish

3rd, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

Triffic, just don’t ask questions…

Tottenham gaffer Harry Redknapp is set to dip into the loan market to strengthen his squad. Yep, someone set Arry to full-on ‘wheeler dealer’ mode.

After failed bids for Scott ‘Scotty’ Parker and Manchester City forward Craig ‘The Mouth’ Bellamy, Arry will do what he does best: rummage around in the bargain bins, make trips to car boot sales, take whatever fell off the back of that jacknifed lorry.

Redknapp: loans loans loans

Everyone’s favourite Judas Twitchy Scummer told the Mirror: “I can see loans happening. I’ve got three players in mind that would not cost a lot of money.

“If we can pull off the deals you are talking about £8million or £9million for three players. Loans would certainly be a real possibility.

“People are going to loan players from all over the world, there will be loads because clubs are struggling to pay the wages. There will be high earners they have to loan out.”

You get it yet? Loans loans loans loans loans. Loans. Arry is all about the loans.

If you have any idea who the loan trio might be, enlighten us – we have no clue, although other players on Arry’s radar reportedly include AC Milan striker Klaas Jan Huntelaar and Lyon midfielder Jean Makoun.

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  1. I suppose he´s got a point. If Citeh dont get shot of 6 or 7 players either by selling or loaning then they are going to have some very annoyed prima donnas kicking around doing nothing until January.
    I think Redknapp recognises that prices are inflate for every player Citeh cast their greedy eyes over. Frustrating – yes, but the smart clubs will bide their time.
    I do hope Spurs pick up at least 2 QUALITY players though – I dont include the likes of Bellamy or Parker in that so good news on the transfer front so far

  2. Cheap Loans says:

    It’s modern way to get quality player in the squad – I’m sure will come up with the goods tapping up (cough) and wheeler dealing is his best skill :)

    Champions League football is a fantastic draw he has at his disposal like the comment above I can see some great players coming in to the Yid Army :)

    COYS !!!

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