Mercenary Emmanuel Adebayor Sells Himself To Juventus

Ollie Irish

6th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

I get paid to do this

Reports in the Italian media claim that Emmanuel Adebayor issued a ‘come and get me’ plea – yes, one of those – to Juventus.

“I wanted to wear the City shirt and have a better season compared to last year,” Adebayor was quoted as saying by Tuttosport.

“But I know there will not be many chances for me and so I am considering the many offers I have received.

“I will be sorry to leave the Premier League, but in Europe there are other top leagues. Juventus are a great club which I would like to play for.

“Until some time ago I would not have accepted a transfer to other clubs. The economic aspect is important, but if it was one of the biggest clubs in the world I would consider other aspects.”

City have played down the quotes, saying that there are “no plans” to sell Adebayor.

What is it with Adebayor? He’s always unsettled. He was unsettled at Monaco, then he was unsettled at Arsenal, now he’s unsettled at Manchester City, despite only being at Eastlands for one season. He really should settle the f*ck down.

I suppose we have to accept that Adebayor is a very modern footballer: cash is king (the ‘economic aspect’) and loyalty is just another word he can’t spell. All very well, and I’m sure his bank balance will serve him well throughout his long retirement, but at this rate, few fans will remember him with any warmth in their hearts. That’s a shame.

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  1. Maresca says:

    Agree entirely on Adebayor – the man is a mercenary of the highest order and while that kind of thing is tolerated in England, he’ll get nothing but grief from us should he make the move.

    Besides, we already have Felipe Melo – No more nutters please

  2. alan says:

    nd the joke city ‘project’ stumbles on , much to the amusement of everyone. Hope loser City fans are practising how to pronounce those obscure east european names in loser europa league

  3. mm says:

    hope you are practising how to spell “and”…. Thicker than a Ghurka’s foreskin.

  4. The 100% Greek says:

    He is definitely gonna be unsettled in ITALY as well,especially in Juve,Turin. ManCity are trying to be the “new Chelsea” but first of all they should invest in their staff,cause Mancini SUCKS BIG TIME!!!

  5. Hirsty says:

    I’m sure the overt racism in the Italian game will make him feel wonderfully settled.

  6. kellen says:


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