Bob Bradley Quits USA Job, Aston Villa Next?

Ollie Irish

13th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

I’m hearing whispers that scary Navy SEAL-type man Bob Bradley – who may or may not be part-machine – has stepped down from his position as head coach of the US national team. We’ll see.

If true, that would be the first part of the 2+2 sum which sees him end up in Martin O’Neill’s old office at Villa Park. Not that Bradley needs an office, because he spends all his time out on the training ground, arms folded, mad stare fixed, daring his players to f*ck up.

As I said, I have no idea if Bradley has indeed quit, but of course his nationality has seen him linked to a club owned by a fellow Yank – not to mention his work at the World Cup this summer, when he led the States to the top of its (terrible) group. Okay, he made a few team selection errors along the way, but at least he can think on his feet, and his use of game-changing substitutions is well known. Plus he has admitted he wants to coach in Europe.

In conversation with Two Footed Tackle‘s Chris Nee at Wembley this week (Chris is a Villa supporter), he bemoaned O’Neill’s inability to change the course of a match, to think on his feet. Bradley outscores the Northern Irishman on that count, surely.

So stick a few quid on Bradley – I suspect he will be Villa’s next gaffer. Bet on Michael Bradley to join sharpish too.

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  1. Love that quote from your mate about O’N not changing games. When Leeds United were top 4 some would complain about O’Leary’s lack of effective sub use (yes I’m aware O’L isn’t popular in Witton but the story still holds), so when he goes we get in Venables who whilst he did use subs sometimes was in fact rubbish across the board….Whilst not O’N’s biggest fan some criticisms like your mates are a bit daft and shallow don’t you think?

  2. john blaze says:

    Anyone but Bradley, please!!!! He can’t pick a team and is shit when it comes to tactics. I don’t know why people hold him so highly just because the USA made the second round. He will be axed by December if he is the next to manage Villa.

  3. yank says:

    yeah any american knows big bad bob bradley is shit

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