Arsenal Make Official Bid For Sevilla Hardman Squillaci

Ollie Irish

19th, August 2010


ACCORDING to the official website of Sevilla, Arsenal have made a bid for centre-back Sebastien Squillaci. Reports claim the offer is in the €8m ballpark.

The 30-year-old Frenchman, who put in some impressive shifts at Monaco and Lyon, is a French international and definitely rugged enough to cope with the rigours of the Premier League. And of course Arsenal really need another experienced CB. It adds up – good to Wenger trying to invest in a battle-hardened player.

This is what he looks like:

He looks hard, right? Nails, in fact. Just what Arsenal need.

If you see him hanging around north London, do tip us off.

Squillaci in action:

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  1. the cannon says:

    arsene really dropped the ball this week. after scouting ozil for the better part of 8 years he was available on the cheap and le boss did nothing not even an attempt to sign him. i know he was cheap because his contract is up after this season but so what, especially if cesc leaves, so as soon as he comes in on the transfer you immediately give him a new long-term deal and lock him up as cesc’s replacement. it’s have been perfect strategy and also wouldve provided us with cesc and ozil in midfield with song. with a midfield like that, with nasri and rosicky and walcott behind them we’d be deap and dangerous and able to weather things like nasri being out 5 weeks. i support arsene and always will but he screwed this up and its sad because if this was 3 or 4 years ago he wouldve made this move, not let real do it. why would ozil even go there? he’s not going to start. he should start ahead of kaka but he wont, because when you pay 56 million pound for a guy hes not losing his spot to a guy who came in for 15 mil euro, even if his form is and has been better than kakas. he cant play ahead of alonso ro khedira because they’re there to boss the midfield and theyre extremely effective at it. plus its almost tragice because ozils game is tailored for arsenal. wonderfully gifted passing, not afraid to take a shot from 20+ yards out, makes constant attacking runs and would be perfect for the team. so sad. the squillaci is a good signing but not a great one i was really hoping wenger would go after subotic not koscielny. koscielny looks like hell be good but its gonna take time and hes slight of build. subotic is a huge beast who can also score goals like vermaelen has a knack for doing too. also subotic is the prototypical center half. i just hope we get some silverware this season and i still have total faith in le boss however sad as it is to say that could change really just because hes been so stubborn about improving the team in recent years. sagna, nasri, vermaelen, and arshavin have all been shrewd buys and good buys (arshavin really shoudl be better than hes been and he has been brilliant at times but a player with his gifts shoudl be brilliant more often). UP THE ARSENAL!

  2. Jesus says:

    Doesn’t look that hard on the pitch but he’s very good in the air and a bit mental. Looking forward to his signing! :)

  3. Jesus says:

    Whenever Ive watched him play though, he’s been a bit slow and that could be a problem with our high-backline…

  4. iain says:

    errr, hes 30!! Doesnt that concern anyone. Hes past his best so ANOTHER stopgap signing- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggh!

    Are you telling me that we cannot get better than this. We missed Kjaer, Boateng and didnt even bid on Tasci or Mertesacker.

    I am becoming bored of the ridiculous tightness and reckon Wikipedia for Arsenal should simply say …

    Arsenal- 5th richest club in the world, have 40-50 million to spend on the team, shop in the bargain basement for kids and has beens even when its essential to strengthen.

  5. Si says:

    While this seems to be a fairly good transfer, if it had been me, I would have tried to get Philippe Mexès, as he is still only 28, so would make for a better long term solution. I look forward to seeing Squillaci in the Premier League though. I remember buying him on an old PES Master league back in 2005. Quality.

  6. Pililuk says:

    30 for a cb is not over the hill at all, look at all the better cb’s in the world are either late 20’s or early 30’s

  7. Anonymous says:

    30 year old???? is this not the age when we do not renew current players contracts for more than one year. great wenger in you we do not trust. why not just renew gallas and cambell for two years. no we dont but we spend 6 million on this guy

  8. king gooner says:


  9. goonergerry says:

    Dont know if we will get him yet- if we do- good. Experience is massively important as a central defender as one rash challenge, one positional failure and you can lose a big game.

  10. mike richards says:

    He does look like the Malcolm tucker bloke out of ‘the thick of it

  11. Wilsheres dad says:

    Gotta get real over new signings. The player has to want to join the club in the first place.
    There’s the filthy lucre to be sorted out. Arsenals current record signing fee is in the region of £15 million & top wages well below those of other “top” clubs. Try persuading an in demand player & their club with those kind of figures ….no chance!!!
    Then there’s perceived ambition. Arsenals policy of keeping a tight
    financial ship might be appealing to the board, but developing teenagers & buying in relative unknowns (usually)on the cheap & winning nothing isn’t going to attract top players. Wenger didn’t go for Ozil because he knew he didn’t stand a chance against Real, Barca, Man U, Chelsea, Inter or Man City.

  12. Thomas says:

    Speaking of Ozil, Kaka is out for the first 2 months of the season so Ozil/Di Maria/Canales should gain some playing time at RM. Wenger won’t buy on World Cup hype, he just won’t. The price was reasonable but do we really need a younger, fast, creative midfielder right now? Sure, the argument could be made that “when Cesc leaves”, but it’s the same saga every summer. We have Wilshere this year as well(needs maturity, I know) but can fill in well. Our main focus needs to be CB(anyone well-rated 26-30 year old will do) and GK(Given), end of story. Wenger’s philosophy hasn’t changed and I seriously doubt it will anytime soon. You have to live in the now and know players like Ozil or your current starting XI wouldn’t be happy with variable playing time. I’d must rather build a team on chemistry at a reasonable price rather than big names with a blank check, but maybe that’s just me. Simply spending money doesn’t bring guaranteed titles, i.e. RM 2009-2010.

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