William Gallas To Tottenham? Yes, William Gallas To Tottenham

Ollie Irish

20th, August 2010


WILLIAM Gallas is on the verge of completing a headline-grabbing move that would take him from Arsenal – though he’s a free agent right now – to rivals Tottenham.

This is not a joke, this is not a test. It’s real and it’s happening. In a word: wow. I didn’t see this coming and I’m not sure what to think. I’ve never liked Gallas, though he’s obviously a very good footballer – at the end of the day, I suppose that’s what matters.

Anyone who thought Gallas’s high wage demands, reported to be in the region of £80k a week, would thwart a move to White Hart Lane, didn’t reckon on Harry Redknapp being throughly reasonable about the deal.

Redknapp said of Gallas: “His wages aren’t a problem. He has not been greedy at all.

“His people have rung up and we spoke about it.”

The Spurs gaffer added: “He’s been an Arsenal player but he was at Chelsea before that and playing abroad before he arrived there.

“It’s not like we would be signing Tony Adams. He’s a good player and he would be a very useful addition to our squad.”

Judas, Gooners? Yeah, I think you just found your own Sol Campbell hate figure.

Spurs fans, what do you make of this fresh madness?

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  1. Libertarian Deist says:


  2. jussi says:

    Don’t really care enough about Gallas to care where he goes… but I don’t like him more for going there, but he was already close to the bottom before he joined(joins) them..

  3. dRb says:

    More than happy to see him in a Spurs shirt.

    Experience, quality, free, and you’d hope for at least 2 goals a season against the c*&ts… :)

    Really think that he would be an amazing addition to the squad, proper quality back up/compliment to Ledders and Woody.

  4. MalSpur says:

    Not quite the same as campbell. campbell was an integral part of our team, he was a hero and did the dirty by leaving on a free to our biggest rival. Gallas is a fringe player now, not good enough for their team

  5. aqqe says:

    It’s not exactly ‘our Sol Campbell’, because Gallas was never liked at Arsenal whereas Campbell was a god at WHL. Most Gooners – myself included – aren’t that bothered. He’s a very good defender though and I wish we could’ve kept him, even if he wasn’t liked by the fans or the players.

  6. Andy says:

    He’s a good signing and a good defender that the goons could do with, but let’s not kid ourselves. If he does well, it will piss them off, but this deal is nothing like c*mpbell, nothing at all.

  7. col says:

    Gallas was,nt a very nice person at Ar5enal,but he did not have a Harry to guide and boss him.Decent defender and will help out in a position where we have a few problems and his experience will be useful.Not interested that he used to play for those vile animals down the road,he will play for Spurs and he is not a judas traitor like some scum i could name.

  8. nathan says:

    i for 1 have never given a shit about the arsenal rivalry. fact is he has pace something our centre backs just dont have unless ledley is at the back. this i tthink would be a great signing as long as he doesn’t ruin the team dynamics and piss the rest of our team off

  9. Amerigooner says:

    I have always considered Gallas more of a Chav than a Gooner… or at best a passing-through mercenary who did a job for us (in spurts) and nothing more. He can go to the spuds, the mancs, anywhere really and I won’t give a fig. Maybe he can throw some tantrums at Shite Hart Lane and ruin their next run towards a Champion’s League spot, snort!

  10. chet says:

    stop clawing for any sort of equality between arsenal and spurs. he clearly isnt a sol campbell figure. gallas was disruptive, divisive, and injury prone (like many gunners on that last one). i wish he would have stayed just for the class performances he puts it, but with all those strings attached, im glad to see him go.

  11. MC says:

    Is he gonna try to take Keane’s #10?
    Either way, it’d be fun this season watching him wreck the Spurs changing room with his “temper”

  12. DaveYid says:

    I don’t mind Gallas coming in. We NEED a centreback of some description. King can’t play every game, Woodgate is most probably finished and Kaboul is mainly being used as a rightback.
    Plus Man City are being difficult by not offering us Richards who’s not actually in Mancini’s plans due to him not costing enough to make a point about how stupid they’re being. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Moving on…

    There is a very significant difference between the Sol situation and this newfound Gallas situation.

    The difference is – Sol Campbell had pledged from the bottom of his heart that he’d “NEVER” play for his club’s rivals [Arsenal].

    Gallas has [wisely] never promised to avoid playing for Spurs.
    However, I’m not fully aware of Arsenal fans’ general perception of him as I’m a Spurs fan.

    Campbell left for Arsenal on a free immediately after running out his contract at Spurs, thereby breaking the promise he made to the once adoring fans he had at the Lane, causing the waterfall of hatred we see today.

    It’s not like this switch from one rival to the other is a brand new thing. Players like Pat Jennings played for both and was highly respected by both sets of fans I’m sure.

    Moral of the story – Don’t make promises which you won’t keep.

  13. randy says:

    quality. redknapp will definitely ask him to “stand straight, chest out and walk proud”, if you get my point.

    he will perform well under redknapp. i just get that feeling somehow. i think most spurs fans do too.

  14. Jay Spurs says:

    All this judas feelings arent applicable in this circumstance he is a frenchman who probably likes living in London, moved from Chelsea because he wanted to play at central defence instead of left back and moved from Arsenal because they wouldnt give him contract he wanted, he has no loyalties he is just a footballer who is moving for footballing reasons.
    He is a very good defender was 1st choice with Vermealen last year and Arsenal wernt far off winning the league, if he was still there now he would probably have been picked ahead of Kocieslny, Arsenal are signing Squillaci to replace him and Gallas gets ahead of him in the french team, I know hes a horrible person but lets face it he would be heavily involved in either north london team this season as he is still one of the best around

  15. Spud says:

    After Tuesday night… id take any bloody central defender!

  16. dixta says:

    rob sheppard on talksport this am was sensationalising the story by saying spurs fans are narrow minded – because 2 “we hate arsenal” numpties had their emails read out on air. lazy, vindictive, anti-Spurs journalism, w*nker. i wish alan brazil would stop kissing up to these to**ers and tell them to shove it, esp. when it’s against Spurs!
    anyway, i’ve struggled to find a spurs fan on the blogs who is against this deal. and no we are not comparing it to s*l. although i would love to think he can score in the derby, how sweet would that be lol. Can’t wait for Weds glory glory night.

  17. chimpo says:

    Does anyone else know of a player who’s played for all these 3 clubs?

    He could wind down his career at west ham for comedy value

  18. kellen says:

    never liked him, never will.

  19. Curtis says:

    dont like him but respect him, says it as it is and a fantastic player. I can see him being are next captain! Keane’s picking and choosing when he wonts to play totally lost all respect for him and hes pasted now, hope he proves me wrong!! and king plays once a month

    This signing is also nothing like judas c**t!! we actually liked s*l…

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